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PC Build Custom Watercooling/XI Extreme [NOT SPONSORED]

Level 8
Howdy mates,
Sitting on a first gen i7 (920 Stepping B3) being an decade old Rig I finally decided it was time to upgrade or rather build an entirely new Rig.
Being a bit rusty pherhaps somebody could enjoy an "old noobs" struggle of building a Rig with new "stuff", so heres the full uncensored experience,


After reading lotsa tests and drooling (think Sanct Bernhard style) the following parts are in the build so far,
And oh yeah, this is a private build with NO SPONSORS involved!

Thermaltake Core P7 Custom Tempered Glass Edition
ASUS ROG Maximus XI Extreme Z390 Bios 0905
i9 9900K 16MB Cache LGA1151 (Stepping ?) 3,6GHz@ 4,7 not tweaked OC yet
2x 16GB (32GB) G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3200 CL14 Samsung B1 Dies
SSD M.2 970 Plus (Faster than Pro) Samsung MZ-V7S1T0, 1000 GB, 3500 MB/s
1x 4TB Seagate Ironwolf Transfer Rate 263,38 MB/s 2107 MB/s
Corsair AX1600i 1600W
Gigabyte 2080 Ti Waterforce WB (GV-208TAORUSX WB-11GC)
Logitech G903
Steelseries Arctis 7 Wireless
Aqua-Computer Cuplex Kryos NEXT with VISION 1151, Acrylic/Nickel
Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut
2x Aqua-Computer D5 NEXT Pump - With Oled Display, Fan and RGBpx Controller
2x EK-XTOP Revo D5 RGB - Plexi (stand-alone)
6x Black Ice SR2 Xtreme+ MP Multi Port Radiator - Black Carbon
1x Thermochill Radiator (Perfect Size to hide on the back/inside of the Core P7)
10x 140mm Thermaltake Riing PLUS 14 LED RGB Radiator Fan TT - Premium Edition
5x 120mm Thermaltake Riing PLUS 12 LED RGB Radiator Fan TT - Premium Edition
2x Singularity Computers Protium Reservoir - 300mm Options: Version: Silver / Polished, sc-protium-300-sp
XSPC 8 Way, 4Pin, 12V RGB Splitter Hub - SATA Powered (Black)
1x NZXT Internal USB Hub AC-IUSBH-M1 - Hubb - 3 x USB 2.0 (internt) + 2 x USB 2.0 - Magnetic
+ ****load of other crap (Fittings, Tubings, Coolant, Cables, Cablemods, Logitech Speakers, Tools, Additional Fans etc asf and so on)
Custom mods, CNC and Lathe Copper details etc

(If you look closer youll see both second loop incomplete and the missing GPU)

Initial troubleshooting HARDWARE;
The first motherboard Asus Maximus XI Extreme was defect, could not run the DDR4 on specs, did not detect keyboard/mouse/periferals properly or not at all, lost pictures, hang on boot asf
It has been replaced and is so far a much more pleasant experience

The Gigabyte 2080 Ti arrived with RGB's DOA, the card then croaked within 2 weeks. (Errorcode B4)
I wanted to try Gigabyte because of longer warranties, extra hdmi ports etc,
but after this fiasko I feel safer going back to MSI and am still waiting for a Swedish retailer getting one in stock (Sea Hawk 2080 Ti WB)
I plugged in my old Msi 970 gaming 4G just so I can play with the Rig in wait for any 2080 Ti Sea Hawk WB to get back in stock nationwide (Sweden)

The bottoms cracked on both Singularity reservoirs, I had new machined from brass. Then both tubes cracked. I suspect this happened due to the loops being closed loops. I made pressure valves which will be replaced with factory equivalents as soon as they arrive.

At first I put in an 1000W Corsair, it was DOA, decided to use only new parts all thro after this.
I upgraded and got the new Corsair AX1600i that supposedly is the finest PSU out there in basically every test out there.

There has been other issues to, oh yeah the EK-XSPC clear acrylic tops also cracked and had to be replaced, pretty sure it is an overpressure issue in closed loops.
Since I installed the pressure valves I have seen no signs of trouble.
I got the RAIJU tubing that are "medical grade" non kink, but those are some unpleasantly foggy hosing that I am replacing with Mayhems much clearer soft tubing.

Initial troubleshooting SOFTWARE;
Bios update to 0905 solved issues foremost working XMP1 profiles for the DDR4.

HwInfo64 shows VMX (Virtualization) highlighted in Red = Disabled. I would love your feedback on this mates!

Thermaltake's Riing Plus Software grabs +10% CPU recorded in task manager

GameFirst V Software grabs +10% CPU recorded in task manager

Other than that I took everything apart before replacing the RMA'd motherboard,
the second waterloop is not hooked up until a swedish retailer can provide me with an MSI 2080 Ti Sea Hawk WB.
Running on non conductive battery water until I hooked everything up, then I'll go EK Coolant separate colors in the dual loops.

I refitted the PSU to go in the top right corner of the main chassi, figure I want it above the Rads/asf above any water leakage.
Correspondingly I refitted two reservoirs in horizontal orientation at the bottom of the main chassi.

I will begin the adventures of OC asap when I have all parts, replacements etc

That VMX thing mentioned above.
If I need a fan over the VRM's and heatsinks (m.2's) etc on the motherboard, if so how to mount that appealing to the eye.

Dunno if my ramblings are of any interest, but I'll share them just in case 🙂

May the force B with you mates!