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Onwards and upwards by Parvum Systems

Level 9
Onwards and upwards
by: Parvum Systems

This will be written by Justin but will also feature Shaun. We are the two that make up Parvum Systems. We would love to expand the company but for now you are stuck with just the two of us!

This thread will be a close look at the Parvum Systems team building a fully W/C rig into one of our own S1.0 Cases. There will be some big changes and a lot of custom work done to the case. Hopefully enough to keep your attention. This is just one of the number of cases that we will be taking to the iSeries LAN even at the end of March in the UK. We plan to head out to other EU LANs later in the year. Including Dream Hack.

We would first like to briefly introduce ourselves. Say a little bit about us and how we started Parvum Systems. If you wish to skip this part and get to the photographs then do so by all means! 🙂

Parvum Systems was started approximately one year ago after a discussion about SFF cases. I myself have been working with SFF systems for my last 3 builds. One a full custom Acrylic build. The other two Lian Li cases. However I was always frustrated at how hard it was to put so much water cooling equipment into a case while showing it off at the same time. So with the power of Shaun's architecture degree & CAD knowledge and my case modding/water cooling skills we figured we would start something of our own.
We have come a long way in this year. I would approximate we have easily used thousands of Euros on Acrylic in the testing and building stages of the S1.0 . It has had its ups and downs and has been extremely frustrating at times but I would say we are finally happy with our first of many products.
We have every intention to start to involve far more people in expanding Parvum Systems and when we develop the S2.0. We would love nothing more than to involve more people. Get opinions and even meet up with other case modders and builders to help provide the market with exactly what they want.

This project log will feature an adapted version of the S1.0. It will be a reverse ATX version of the case. We will also be milling a custom reservoir for the roof of the case and a few other surprises along the way. The beauty of this project is anything that we create will defiantly be something we will look to sell as an extra or a future product on the Parvum Store.

Our S1.0 case can currently be purchased on the highflow store here or the OCUK store here!

Here are a few photos of our warehouse space and what runs Parvum Systems:

In the next update (a few days time) we will show you the CAD designs & the initial CNC cutting of the panels.

Thanks for reading, see you on the next one!

Level 9

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Looks awesome!!! good choice of song too 😄

Level 9
At the iSeries event for the rest of the weekend. It's been great so far! Come check out the rigs @ H2-A1-5

Your products are awesome.
That level of detail is outstanding.
Keep it up!
Marvec Agri panels