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Onwards and upwards by Parvum Systems

Level 9
Onwards and upwards
by: Parvum Systems

This will be written by Justin but will also feature Shaun. We are the two that make up Parvum Systems. We would love to expand the company but for now you are stuck with just the two of us!

This thread will be a close look at the Parvum Systems team building a fully W/C rig into one of our own S1.0 Cases. There will be some big changes and a lot of custom work done to the case. Hopefully enough to keep your attention. This is just one of the number of cases that we will be taking to the iSeries LAN even at the end of March in the UK. We plan to head out to other EU LANs later in the year. Including Dream Hack.

We would first like to briefly introduce ourselves. Say a little bit about us and how we started Parvum Systems. If you wish to skip this part and get to the photographs then do so by all means! 🙂

Parvum Systems was started approximately one year ago after a discussion about SFF cases. I myself have been working with SFF systems for my last 3 builds. One a full custom Acrylic build. The other two Lian Li cases. However I was always frustrated at how hard it was to put so much water cooling equipment into a case while showing it off at the same time. So with the power of Shaun's architecture degree & CAD knowledge and my case modding/water cooling skills we figured we would start something of our own.
We have come a long way in this year. I would approximate we have easily used thousands of Euros on Acrylic in the testing and building stages of the S1.0 . It has had its ups and downs and has been extremely frustrating at times but I would say we are finally happy with our first of many products.
We have every intention to start to involve far more people in expanding Parvum Systems and when we develop the S2.0. We would love nothing more than to involve more people. Get opinions and even meet up with other case modders and builders to help provide the market with exactly what they want.

This project log will feature an adapted version of the S1.0. It will be a reverse ATX version of the case. We will also be milling a custom reservoir for the roof of the case and a few other surprises along the way. The beauty of this project is anything that we create will defiantly be something we will look to sell as an extra or a future product on the Parvum Store.

Our S1.0 case can currently be purchased on the highflow store here or the OCUK store here!

Here are a few photos of our warehouse space and what runs Parvum Systems:

In the next update (a few days time) we will show you the CAD designs & the initial CNC cutting of the panels.

Thanks for reading, see you on the next one!

Level 9
So here is a simple update for today with another to shortly follow!

We started by drawing a 4 panel selection for the case. Somewhat close to the S1.0 but with a couple of changes.

  • All the panels have been flipped/mirrored in certain ways to accommodate for reverse ATX
  • Additional holes have been cut to mount a bottom and top chamber
  • One of the rear 80mm fans has been removed and replaced with the Parvum Logo

Tool paths exported to the CNC PC. She is a mighty fine build in one very old case...

Drawing ready we moved onto tool set up and to start cutting. For these two panels we will be using a 3mm and a 1.5mm single flute cutter:

Tool change to a lovely Belin series 1.5mm single flute to get into the tight edges of the Parvum logo:

A quick look at the four panels once the backing had been removed:

Finally for today we started to bend the mid wall. This mid wall is just for testing purposes at this stage. I want to mark up all the holes for pass through connectors/cables etc to make them exact rather than the pre-spaced ones we offer in the S1.0

Mid wall spacing measured and marked up:

Then continued to make the first bend using the line bender & bending jig:

Tester mid wall successfully bent and ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow we will be cutting the two frosted red panels to accompany the white & start the initial assembly.

Sorry for the poor lighting towards the end of the photos. The day light ran out fast here and we don't use a flash.

See you tomorrow.

Level 9
very nice!
"I would rather be gaming!"

pcjunkie209 wrote:
very nice!

Thanks mate! Lots more to come.

Back again with a little more. On the check list for today:

  • New middle wall
  • Motherboard test fit
  • SSD Bracket
  • Corsair love
  • Quick GPU test fit

So we decided to go with a frosted red middle wall. This was for a number of reasons but primarily as we wanted to use white braid on the PSU and didn't want it to get lost on the middle wall. Plus we are really in love with this color!

Tapped and inserted the motherboard standoffs:

A quick motherboard test fit:

Next on the list we started the SSD mount. The placement and idea actually came from k3nnys Parvum build. You can take a look at that here.

We first put down an old piece of white acrylic. We try not to waste any off cuts or discarded panels:

1.5mm cutter here. Extremely tight work on the Corsair logo:

Next some detailing to one of the sides. Tool of choice here is the V bit cutter. If ran at the correct speeds this will leave a really nice 45' cut:

And the cut process:

The finished piece needs some file attention. This is mainly excess swarf:

After hand finishing:

This is the area for placement. The problem we face is the small hex screw head that you can see. The black one. The reason we couldn't countersink this was because we did so on the other side of the motherboard wall.

To combat this we need to make a small hole on the backside of the SSD mount. We found this little trick works kinda nice. I'm sure there is a better way to do this but that's what first came to mind:

Applied some thermal paste to the screw head:

This then leaves a mark on the SSD mount:

Which we cut with the Dremal & press:

Perfect fit after a couple of goes back and forth:

We now got to test fit two of the SSD's. Subject to change the SSDs later as we expect to feature a raid card in the build:

Really happy with the look. Like we said at the start of the log; cable access holes will be cut at a later point so there will be one hole per sata cable. More on this later though.

To end this update a quick GPU test fit. Would like to change the GPU but we will see how the budget is before iSeries. Just had to see it with the reverse ATX:

See you tomorrow (hopefully)! 😄

Level 9
Another update for anyone looking 🙂 Do drop a comment if you are here :)!

Just a small one tonight.

We start the day by installing the extra blocks for our new chamber. We added these to support the extent of the water cooling and to cover up the black radiator. We want to keep the white as the focal color rather than showing to much black:

Next we took some measurements and spent some time in Auto Cad to draw the bottom chamber. If I am being honest this did take two attempts. I messed up on a few measurements for the 1/4' radiator threads. Shaun took charge and redid them, perfect of course. I suppose he does do it better than me after all.

The finished product with some nice chamfer detailing to hug the front 240mm radiator and the back 80mm fan:

Here you can see the thing installed. Really happy with how this works. The fans do still fit with the extra 5mm thickness on top of the bottom radiator.

Also I took the plunge and got myself a Rampage IV Gene. Board is lovely. Also installed the Ek CPU block from my old build.

To see if the hard work was all worth it; radiator test fit:

We wont be using these exact ones but gives you a nice idea:

Next up we have to cut the only part of the case that isn't acrylic. This is 1.5mm aluminium.
Similar tooling here but with the addition of coolant. We removed the misting system for photos.

Here is the finished article with a little basic sanding:

Now we have to make the 90° bend. To do this we move to something somewhat older than a CNC 😉
Lovely machine for the job.

Finished with the bend:

We next install it into the rear of the case. This is sandwiched between the two 5mm sheets that you saw in one of the first updates:

Thats us for today. :rock:!

Hope to see you all again tomorrow!

Level 15
I am completely in love with this build, brilliant work guys!! 😄

Myk SilentShadow wrote:
I am completely in love with this build, brilliant work guys!! 😄

Thank you my friend. I have some more for you! If you can give your opinion on the front that would be awesome!

UPDATE 13th March:

Before our update I would like to introduce our sponsor Alphacool! We have a very good friend working with/for Alphacool & am super happy to have them onboard. As far as sponsorships go we are usually doing work in return for people where we can so it is more of a trade. But welcome to the watercooling power!

First thing from Alphacool was this 240mm radiator. Real nice quality and lots of options with fittings. Very useful when working in smaller spaces. This is the 60mm version:

The copper logo or the radiator colour don't suit the build so we decided to make a cover. We also wanted to make a nice feature with their logo.

Started with the drawing part:

And onto the cutting. Recycling old acrylic in this build as much as possible, especially for the smaller parts. Cutting the female part:

After we used the 45° cutter to detail 3 of the edges, looking nice so far:

Moving onto the frosted red for the male parts. Same cutter, more recycling of old panels:

Here are the two pieces finished. The cutter was running a little thin on the last pass and left a few little bits needed cleaning up.

Using some lubricant and some careful teasing the male pieces fit into the female *ok please go ahead and quote this, I really should have reworded this one*:

Just the inside of the O's to fit as a second inlay. Super happy with the results. Here are a few shots:

Moving back to the case we test if the new radiator:

Very tight fit here. Shaun likes to keep his tolerance very tight. If I say make it fit he will leave 0.2mm! Works really well here.

Next we decided to make a change to the front. We wanted to reuse the same technique that was used for the Parvum logo at the rear of the case and cut these new lines. We are both really happy with the results:

To finish today we today we test fit the radiator cover:

The bottom of this is actually a 45° cut going into the lower chamber 45°. This gives a really nice fit:

And a final shot of the case for tonight:

What do you all think about the new front? I'm sure a taste thing but we both really like it.

See you again tomorrow....!

Level 15
I love it! great work with the Logo too, nice comment about the "male" fitting into the "female" lol 😛

Level 10
now this is a awsome build and nice colors as well hmmm are u gona paint the rad the same color as the case white inside and read on the out side or vise vrs ?