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Need Strix?

Level 7
OK, sorry for the noob question here but I admit I am new to custom PC modding.

I am in the market for a new GPU, my plan for the future is to build a nice liquid loop for it. For now though it would just be cooled by its own fan system.

My issue is, I really like the Aura sync that come with the Strix gpu. However it seems to me that you would need to remove the LED section in order to make it liquid cooled am I correct? So is it then a waste of money to go for the Strix instead of a basic card. Am also just SOL when it comes to wanting liquid cooling and my GPU to have Aura? Also, does the connection to the Aura sync come through the PCI slot or is there a seperate cable you need to hookup to one of the precious LED ports on the board?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Level 13
Aura is still very sketchy. Havent seen a single user in the last two years post of having full functionality. Some have better results than others but none where its 100%.

Which Strix are you talking about? A lot more out there than just one. On the 1080 Bitspower blocks do not require removing the back plane so you still get the eye and they include a strip that lights up the block. For 1080 Ti I havent seen any blocks that leave any lights intact although there is a way with an EK block to keep the original backplate, just not intended to work that way. Bitspower recently started making one as well.

The AURA synch is done through the PSIE slot. no extra cables needed.

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The Strix 1080ti with a bitspower block you don't have to remove the original backplate either. I just bought 2 cards and have both cards with blocks on them. And on the back side of the card there seems to be an extra RGB port to plug into.