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Need advice for modding my Razer Tomahawk mid tower.

Level 7

So, after spending nearly 200 dollars on a Razer case, out of all the brands, you would expect the Razer case to have an ARGB Razer logo on the front of it. Turns out my assumption was wrong, and it’s just green. I would like to find a way to make the logo either RGB or ARGB I have both 2 open 12v 4 pin RGB headers and may consider buying the Razer synapse compatible ARGB hub if it’s easier to figure something like that out in that way. As another alternative, the case has built in under glow with 8 or 9 lighting zones that I may be able to piggyback off of. So that brings me to my question; do you know of any products/methods to get controllable RGB lighting in an area like a logo without having a full fledged ARGB strip? If pictures would be helpful lmk! Thanks for any advice in advance!


Level 11

you check etsy? im getting a 3d printer this week, but ive never used one. i used to have a razer case, it was nice, yeh logo didnt work either, had underglow.