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my daily gaming machine caselabs mercury s3

Level 7
what you guys think about this i just build is for my daily gaming pc

asus maximus vi impact
intel i7 4770k
asus matrix hd7970-P
corsair vengeance pro 2 x 8gb 1866
corsair AX760 Platinum
samsung 840 series 250gb SSd
Seagate sshd 1tb 64 cache 2.5"
caselabs mercury s3

watercool setup:

swiftech MCP65pwm d5 pump
alphacool 240x60 rad front
alphacool 240x45 rad side
magicool 180 rad top
bitspower d5/mcp655 modkit red finish
EK-bay spin reservoir
EK Supreme clean CSQ cpu waterblock
Ek asus matrix gpu waterblock
moonson fittings

bitfenix recon-fan controller
bitfenix 140mm-back
2 enermax 120mm T.B vegas duo-front
2 corsair sp120 series-side
silverstone sst-ap182 air penetrator 180mm-top

thanks to Asus R.O.G, caselabs not far from where i live, corsair, EKWB, bitspower, alphacool, intel, amd, NCIX, Dazmode, frozen cpu, performance-pc and

:some of this components are from my old bitfenix prodigy build
i have 3 different size of tubing but i notice there is no much difference if you have larger tubing specially on this build the coolant travel is not far away from each other

:my temp on FurMark is: cpu 40°c and my gpu 43°c heavy load

:i might replace my ek-supreme csq
cpu waterblock to bitspower AIZ87M61itx nickel plated because i notice on asus maximus impact daughter board its gets really hot when im gaming and unlike my previous build the asus z77-i deluxe never got that hot

here some pictures of my build

Level 15
Welcome to the Republic of Gamers forums, badjhimo.

I like the combination of LEDs that you chose for the case. You have yourself a very powerful monster there. 🙂

Level 11
Great choice in your components, looks very good.
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