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Mini moto mayhem

Level 7

Time to start a new project, This one is something I had in mind when I finished my first build but because of time/money it didn't start. This is going to be a long termer but hopefully it should be finished by the end of the year as there is a lot of work to do and hopefully it should help spread the cost of the hardware.

The name should give away the concept of the build, basically I have a couple of old minimotos that I can't run on track anymore (noise restrictions) and so I thought it'd be a cracking idea to utilise one for a build.

Ok some pics of where it's at

The bikes have been stored under a table in one of my sheds, it will give you an idea of how small these little motorbikes are.

A bit of a zoom shot, you can make out some old bodywork there too, this body work might still be used but I figure that i'll have to make some new bodywork or at least add acrylic windows and modify these ones.

Here it is next to my road bike.

So now the bike has been rescued from a life in a garden shed, this is what it looks like in isolation. The reason I have chosen this one is that it has a very nice trellis frame with plenty of points to mount the hardware.

Ok so now it's time to remove the engine, don't worry it won't go to waste, I have another frame that it can go into.

The bike without the engine, there's plenty of space for what I have in mind. I will keep the throttle and brakes, It will need brakes to help it stop....err yes you did read that right, I plan to put an electric motor in the bike so that it will still run and i'll still be able to ride it. (it'll raise a few eyebrows at Lan parties)

A view from the front, the PSU to run the PC and battery for the electric motor will fit under the seat. It'd be good to figure out a way of running the PC and the electric motor off the battery but failing that it will run off two different circuits.

I have made out a board that is the same size as a mini ITX board to give me an idea of how the mobo will be mounted

The system will be water cooled, I test fitted a rad, which is just a little too big so I will have to use smaller items. The reservoir will be in the obvious place, the petrol tank (gasoline for our American friends :eyebrow: ) There will be two rads mounted inside the frame on both sides of the bike.

So hang on tight and watch where this project goes, you should be able to guess what direction I'm going in with the coolant

Level 7
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UPDATE 15/08/12

Time to share the package that I received from Mod With Me. First off is the decals, there was a fair few emails getting the details right but it was worth it. Here are the belly pan logo's and the droplet masks.

And the 3D printed logo's, man these are small !!!

The decals have now been applied and have also been lacquered in, there was no adverse reaction from the lacquer. This is a satin finish (yup I found a satin finish lacquer) the lacquer will stop the decals peeling off and also stop any adhesive on the edges picking up dust. This makes it easy to wipe/clean without the cloth lifting edges.

apologies for the dust that the camera picked up 🙂

I have also painted the base colour on the upper fairing panels, this is a pearlescent finish. It's a two stage paint process with the white going down first and I used a blue pearlescent effect over the top of that, It's very subtle and difficult to pick up on the camera.
(if you look at the leading edges you can just about make out the pearlescent effect)

The droplet masks will be applied randomly and ghosted in with a heavier blue flake. Once that has been done more decals will be applied and then the panels will have a few coats of lacquer.

Talking about packages, I had one from Overclockers UK.

guess what's inside .....

YAY ... God I've been waiting for this board for what feels like an eternity but it's now on general release and I have one 🙂

Overclockers UK were kind enough to price match against one I'd found for £196 and they also refunded the delivery too .... Thanks guys much appreciated.

So more picks of the board to come later.......

Level 7
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UPDATE 21/08/13

Now I have my mitts on the M'board, It's time to get it fitted and share some of the goodies that the Impact has.

First off is the lil boards that come in the box. There's a Supreme FX sound card and a Combi wi fi adaptor (this is the bit I'm interested in)
You can see on the combi board an NGFF socket, Once the NGFF SSD's are available I will fit one and the power and SATA leads won't be needed.

Here they are fitted to the board, looks pretty but that view will be obscured by the GPU

and the other side looking back at the Supreme FX chip

while were down here, we'll take a look at the daughter board and heat sink.

and the board assembled,

With the board together I fitted it onto the tray and have also fitted the flow indicator which will link up the pump and also where the hard acrylic tubing starts.

and some more pics...

a view from the front

and finally the assembly fitted to the bike

For features alone this board is crackin, there's no other Mini ITX board that comes even close, it's solved a few issues with cable management (I like how the CPU power and 24 pin ATX are next to each other) I will also use the power switch on the board and also I will make use of the NGFF socket for my SSD.

The only thing I don't like is that there isn't a full set of matching screws to fit it all together, but this is just a very minor niggle. Overall I'm very happy with this board and looking forward to booting it up and having a good play with it.

Next up is the exhaust....

I had an old one lying around and decided to see what it would look like fitted, I'm glad I didn't scrap this as it's a good fit, here's what it looked like before I started.

It's a lil rusty on this side but after I'd flipped it over and made some cuts, it's very rusty and pitted. This needs sorting before I continue

So it onto the linisher to get the rust out and get rid of that pitting, The pitting needs to be totally eliminated as I want to cover the sleeves in that fake carbon stuff Di-Noc and I don't want the piitting to cause air bubbles.

I cleaned up the inside tubing and painted it black, the sleeving covered very nicely (no air bubbles)
and the end caps, springs and split pins were polished. The end result looks something like this.

and finally here's the pipes fitted

There are some Termigoni Logo's on order and those will finish off the exhausts. It did put a smile on my face fitting these and they add a lil interest to the rear end of the bike.

Level 8
Wow just wow 😄

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8,00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 668MHz (Kingston hyper X)
Crossfire X Radeon 6870
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ahlot18 wrote:
Wow just wow 😄

Thanks Ahlot, That's the reaction I'm trying to achieve 🙂

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UPDATE 10/09/13

So now I have a few weeks off, Time to knuckle down and get some progress done.

First off I have had a stand delivered, A nice new i5k Haswell CPU, some water blocks and some other stuff....

The stand works well, It took a bit of beating to get it to fit where I wanted it, but it makes the bike much easier to work on.

I have solved a problem I had with routing the GPU block back into the bike, I ordered up a SLI block from EK and chopped it down to the length I need, I just need to get another link block. (Hard to find) If anyone has one that they haven't used get in contact please.

A small section of the frame was cut out the make room for the block, You'll also notice that I cut a small hole for the GPU cables as they'll run through the frame.

Here's the off cuts from the water blocks.

The CPU is fitted, Block installed and I started to sort out the Hard acrylic tubing.

More decals have arrived, here's the front mudguard... Just a small nod to ASUS. The mudguard will have a very light dusting of blue flake and finally lacquered.

The side panels are getting prepped for airbrushing, if you look closely you can make out the Mayhems droplet masks. These will be ghosted in.

I have painted the front panel, this is a blue pearlescent paint the number will be added and again a very light dusting of blue flake. I've added the panel to show the contrast between panels.

and finally ... the bike is now broken down for paint and finish, here's the frame ready to go to powder coat tomorrow.... I'm sooo looking forward to see this transform.

Level 7
having a hard time sleeping while waiting for this one to finish....unbelievable!
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uglykidmoe wrote:
having a hard time sleeping while waiting for this one to finish....unbelievable!

cheers moe, It has caused me a few sleepless nights too 😄

Level 7

UPDATE 16/09/13

While the frame is away, I have been working on the wheels and front end of the bike. When the frame is ready I want the rolling chassis sorted.

First up is the wheels, the rims have been polished, then the tyres and rims have been masked off with tape for priming.

All the new bits for the front end have been assembled and look so much better than the rusty old bent one.

I made up some templates, one for the GPU backplate and the other for the VRM daughter board to protect it from my boots when riding the bike. These where transfered onto acrylic, cut out, filed, sanded and polished.

The GPU backplate breaks up the big slab of circuit board, and with a few random angles both plates tie in with the ROG theme ohh and just to be sure people know what coolant is being used Mayhems web address to remind them.

You'll notice that the rest of the hard acrylic tubing has been done, also the EK waterblocks have been polished.

I like how the internals of the link blocks show through, talking about link blocks .... after contacting them looking for another link block, EK have now added them to their web shop

I've had a delivery from Mayhems....

Mick has sent through his new UV Yellow, I don't think it will suit the build but I will have a try anyway, also he sent through all the dye colours.

A nice range of blues

Reds leading on to pink ... (nice but I'll skip the pink)

and some green and yellows

A big thanks to Mayhems, I will be having a good play with colours and trying to chose a short list for a poll.

any suggestions will be welcome ....

Level 7
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So a Vid of the choice of colours....

I've been mixing colours all day, and before I show the choices I'd like to explain why some colours have been left off the list

Red, although it looked nice in isolation, when offered up against the m'board it just kinda blended in, it was the same with Black. The greens are Ok but just not for this build and I'm not a big fan of purple.

So it was down to the Blues, and The new Lime Yellow

First is the blue. This was mixed from the Ice White Pastel and has a Nice contrast against the tank.

The second one is the Lime Yellow a bit odd, but it's so vibrant and stands out against the red and black, it shouldn't work but does ...

Enough waffling take a look at the short Video,

Level 7
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I picked up the frame from the powder coaters, and I'm well chuffed. The frame has been totally transformed into something really nice... take a look

The job was done by A1 Coatings in Southampton ... dunno if they done me a deal but the job lot cost only £72 ... there's just no way I could have done that at that price and as for the time saving ..
Here's the other bits

I have just removed the tape from the wheels, I will have to wait for the paint/lacquer to harden before finishing the rims..

and finally I couldn't resist having a sneaky look at how the frame colour ties in with the tank unit

I have pressed in the new headstock bearings, over the next few days I'll be getting the chassis sorted ... I'm happy as it's a big milestone getting the frame back 🙂