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Mini moto mayhem

Level 7

Time to start a new project, This one is something I had in mind when I finished my first build but because of time/money it didn't start. This is going to be a long termer but hopefully it should be finished by the end of the year as there is a lot of work to do and hopefully it should help spread the cost of the hardware.

The name should give away the concept of the build, basically I have a couple of old minimotos that I can't run on track anymore (noise restrictions) and so I thought it'd be a cracking idea to utilise one for a build.

Ok some pics of where it's at

The bikes have been stored under a table in one of my sheds, it will give you an idea of how small these little motorbikes are.

A bit of a zoom shot, you can make out some old bodywork there too, this body work might still be used but I figure that i'll have to make some new bodywork or at least add acrylic windows and modify these ones.

Here it is next to my road bike.

So now the bike has been rescued from a life in a garden shed, this is what it looks like in isolation. The reason I have chosen this one is that it has a very nice trellis frame with plenty of points to mount the hardware.

Ok so now it's time to remove the engine, don't worry it won't go to waste, I have another frame that it can go into.

The bike without the engine, there's plenty of space for what I have in mind. I will keep the throttle and brakes, It will need brakes to help it stop....err yes you did read that right, I plan to put an electric motor in the bike so that it will still run and i'll still be able to ride it. (it'll raise a few eyebrows at Lan parties)

A view from the front, the PSU to run the PC and battery for the electric motor will fit under the seat. It'd be good to figure out a way of running the PC and the electric motor off the battery but failing that it will run off two different circuits.

I have made out a board that is the same size as a mini ITX board to give me an idea of how the mobo will be mounted

The system will be water cooled, I test fitted a rad, which is just a little too big so I will have to use smaller items. The reservoir will be in the obvious place, the petrol tank (gasoline for our American friends :eyebrow: ) There will be two rads mounted inside the frame on both sides of the bike.

So hang on tight and watch where this project goes, you should be able to guess what direction I'm going in with the coolant

Level 7

I've put together the chassis, I managed to find some small Ohlins logo's for the front forks. I do need to replace those allen bolts though....

The rear sprocket has been polished and looks much better with the dull black paint stripped

The Termigoni logo's have been added to the exhaust, and breaks down the Di-noc nicely.

and finally the where it's at pic 🙂

Level 7

I've been doing some cable routing today, I want to run as many cables through the frame as possible (keeps them out of site)

I started with the throttle and display cables, these run from just behind the headstock.

The throttle cable comes out right at the back of the bike, saves me using unsightly cable ties.

The USB connector for the display routes down to the IO panel on the M'board .... I'm guessing you're wondering how I got the big square block through the small round hole ? ...that's just the way I roll dudes :hehe:

Now for the GPU cable ... this was a bit more "interesting" (read P.I.T.A) these run a short distance from inside the frame ...

Down to the GPU getting the individual wires in the right order was entertaining but got there in the end.

I've just noticed that one of the blue sleeves has pulled, (thank you macro shot) I'll have to tease that back in line

Level 10
This is seriously awesome buddy.. Very nice idea for cabling.. This is one serious game-on-the-go motor.. 🙂
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Pre & Post Build Guide

A lot of epic FAIL videos are made before one epic WIN video is made 🙂

Level 10
Very impressive!

KPRage wrote:
This is seriously awesome buddy.. Very nice idea for cabling.. This is one serious game-on-the-go motor.. 🙂

Thanks Rage, there's still a whole lot more to come, I'm still going through the back log of parts that needed finish and paint.

Poco OM wrote:
Very impressive!

Thanks Poco, much appreciated 🙂

Level 7

I've been working on paint and finish, lot's of brackets to paint. While waiting for paint to dry, I have been installing the completed parts.

First up is the motor, the bracket has been painted and lacquered, as has the rear chain guard. The chain tensioner and wheel alignment adjuster (other side) have been made, painted and fitted.

The chain has been fitted (I don't think I can get a gold one) The PSU has been fitted and left me with a big slab of panel to break up. I used the ROG logo that came with the Impact board as the colours fit in well and it kinda reminds me of the Ducati course logo.

The Mayhems logo has also been painted and at the moment is blue tacked into position, (still needs finishing)

Yeah I know lots of waffling but there's alot going on in the photo

Next up is the radiator, I wasn't happy with the standard colour and paint finish so it needed some "adjustment" easy enough to paint and you've all seen it done before. here it is fitted.

and finally I know there's been a lot of close up shots, so here's a where it's at pic .. enjoy 🙂

Level 7

The 3D printed Mayhems logo has been niggling me a bit, The whole thing painted kinda looses its 3D effect, you'll see what I mean in this pic

So I sanded down the front face of the lettering, but needed lifting. So I decided to have a look at gilding it. I ordered a small kit from e-bay. The kit came with 10 gold sheets, some glue, a brush and a simple set of instructions.

I applied the glue with a cotton bud and left it to become tacky

The leaf is applied and I decided to "stipple" the leaf onto the lettering, I think it's a nice effect

The result looks something like this ...

It really lifts the 3D image, at the moment it has been lacquered and is now drying and will be polished when dry, in the mean time I have the other 3D printed Mod With Me logo to do, I have talked to sander and we have agreed on doing the sides of the M's

Over the past few months I have been collecting some airbrush stuff, With the cost of the hardware taking out a lot of funds, I've had to scrimp and get the things I need for this build a bit at a time.

So here's what I have, which is enough to get me started ...

Eventually I will get some stenciling material and a stencil burner as I really got into the airbrush side of things .... so expect some airbrushed cases soon(ish)
Luckily Mod With Me provided me with 30 droplet stencils to do the job I had in mind, I ended up using 50 😄 So here's the very first thing I have ever airbrushed ..

I'm happy (more than happy) with the result and it's exactly what I wanted, here's the tank.

and a wider shot .. you'll notice the front mudguard has been painted, this has been done with a blue flake ... It didn't quite look like how I thought it would, but it's quite an interesting finish and ties in with the droplets on the body work.

Here's the mWm logo, I did apply some gold leaf to the sides but it didn't quite look right, So I gave it a light dusting with blue flake and it has lifted the logo nicely.

The logo will be touched up on the edges and will look great on the panel. I have done all the body work but I won't be sharing with you guys until the final photo's (BWAHAHAHAAHAA)

Level 7
Sweet, very nice and unique too.
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TIGGER wrote:
Sweet, very nice and unique too.

Cheers TIGGER, much appreciated and thanks for commenting 🙂