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MetallicAcid's FT03

Level 10

Hello guys and girls of modding and welcome to my project build log!

The introduction
I am about to kick off another project that I have been designing for roughly 2 months now. I have this perfect opportunity to work on this project whilst I wait for PC components to come in for my ongoing black and gold Silverstone TJ07 project. The TJ07 project has been put on hold for 2 months, so the end of July is my deadline to finish this Silverstone FT03 project. This will be my fourth project since May 2013.

The project
This project is primarily a simple upgrade for my personal gaming rig, to turn it more into a design capable PC with boosted CPU power and looks to kill. This PC will have an upgraded CPU coming from an i5 2500k to an i7 4770k. I will also have a fully upgraded watercooling loop which will also include the GPU this time. The radiator will be no less than an 85mm thick MONSTA Phobya 400x200mm radiator sitting on the back of the FT03 case like a backpack of sorts. lastly, this project will feature aluminium "armour" panels to give it a unique look and make the external rad tie into the overall design.

The hardware
Silverstone Fortress FT03
Intel Core i7 4770K @4.8ghz 1.4v
ASUS Gryphon mATX Z87 + Armor Kit
Corsair Vengeance Pro 4x4GB @ 2133mhz
Silverstone Strider ST85F-P 850W PSU
Phobya Xtreme 400x200x85mm radiator
Phobya G-Silent 818 180mm fan x2
Be Quiet! SilentWings 2, 80mm PWM x2
Swiftech Apogee Drive II CPU/pump combo
EK-RES X3 110 reservior
EK-FC780 GTX Ti - Acetal+Nickel x2
EK-FC780 GTX Ti Backplate - Black x2
Icemodz RGB LED strips

The Renders

The conclusion
So to round things up, this project is going to be (hopefully) short and sweet. The custom aluminium panels I will have CNC milled as I have learnt a CAD program and created all the necessary files. All of the hardware I already own and am currently running as of writing this first post. And lastly I have had a great time designing this project first in SketchUp and learning a professional CAD software (Autodesk Inventor). I can safely say that modding is my passion, and I really hope to make it my profession!

Level 10

The sponsors
I would like to thank for sponsoring the following items to help make this project become more than renders and 3D models:

Phobya Xtreme 400
Phobya G-Silent 18 700rpm Slim black
Vandal proof Power button 16mm White
Alphacool bulkhead fitting G1/4 - deep black
Phobya ATX-bridging plug (24 Pin) - black

Thank you to Mundi at, who has given the following products to make the inside of my project look as nice as it possibly could.

1m Shakmods 4mm Dense Weave Round Cable Braid/Sleeve
RGB LED strip x150cm
RGB Control box and Remote x1
Bending Cord For 12/10mm Tubing x1
3 pin Fan Extension Cable x4
4pin Y fan splitter Black x2
Pre-Wired and sleeved Vandal Switch Cables x2
Single Color LED Strip Real UV Ultraviolet x150cm
50cm Extension cable connectors 4pins for RGB led strip lights x2
RGB Led splitter Black x1
1 Meter Expandable Sleeve - 4mm Snow White SKU 00020 x10m
Lighted Vandal Switch 18-22mm Silver White Momentary 22mm x1

Thank you to Daniel at who has provided the project with 2x Be Quiet 80mm PWM fans, and possibly some incoming items in the near future.

Be Quiet SilentWings 2, 80mm PWM

Thank you to Marie at Silverstone for suppliing the project with the following items.

Silverstone Strider ST85F-P 850w PSU
Silverstone Short cable kit PP05

Thank you to Karolina at for sponsoring some coolant and a flexible short cable kit for the Silverstone PSU.

Mayhems Pastel Raspberry Purple coolant
Silverstone Flexible Short cable kit PP05-E

Thank you to Peter at EK Water Blocks which supplied the best in watercooling gear.

EK-FC780 GTX Ti - Acetal+Nickel x2
EK-FC780 GTX Ti Backplate - Black x2
EK-RES X3 110 x1
EK-PSC Adapter 90° G1/4 Black x12
EK-HD Adapter 10/12mm - Black x12
EK-HD Adapter Female 10/12mm - Black x6

The update index
Update 1 - Aquatuning sponsors the project with watercooling
Update 2 - Template made for top plate
Update 3 - Corsair Vengeance Pro painted
Update 4 - Finished the radiator brackets
Update 5 - Icemodz has become a sponsor for this project
Update 6 - Video tour of the completed mounted radiator and painted case
Update 7 - Everything painted and case put back together with radiator mounted
Update 8 - The components move from TJ08-E to FT03
Update 9 - Inet joins as sponsor
Update 10 - Panels milled
Update 11 - Justin's 1st attempt at video editing
Update 12 - Last sponsor update
Update 13 - Water cooling installation
Update 14 - Front panel LED installation
Update 15 - Final photoshoot - Project complete
Bonus update - "Most Incredible PC August 2014"

Thank you for your interest in my build log, and I hope that you choose to subscribe and follow this project. Take care.
Justin "MetallicAcid" Ohlsen

Level 11
That looks really cool keep us posted..
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Level 7
Looking great ^_^ can't wait to see it finish 🙂

Welcome to the first update 😄

With this update, I am very pleased to announce as a sponsor to this project. I would just like to thank Andreas for his help and hope that he enjoys following this project. The care package from Aquatuning contained the following items:
Phobya Xtreme 400
Phobya G-Silent 18 700rpm Slim black
Vandal proof Power button 16mm White
Alphacool bulkhead fitting G1/4 - deep black
Phobya ATX-bridging plug (24 Pin) - black

And here a couple of photos of what came in the care package:

I have to say that this rad is certainly overkill - My wife just looked at the rad, shook her head and walk away. That feeling of satisfaction that overcame was simply divine! 😄 It is seriously heavy, and it has made me rethink the mounting method I had previously planned. It's an easy fix which involves aluminium U channel, screws, cutting, filing and painting. I will pick up the materials tomorrow and hopefully have the rad attached to the case by Tuesday night. I would do it sooner, but the latest episode of Game Of Thrones will be on tomorrow 😉

In other news, I have repainted all of the case in a matt carbon black tone, and my does it look great! The front panel in the above picture is already sporting the new awesome blackness!

I hope you have enjoyed this waffle-free update!
Justin "MetallicAcid" Ohlsen

Hey guys!

I don't have so much of a big update but rather that I have just finished painting the panels in a matt carbon black colour. The reason why I have done this is because the anodizing was sun damaged and started to turn a gold/pink colour. So I just gave all of the panels a nice sanding, thorough clean then a few coats of the paint, and finally a clear coat.
They turned out very nice 🙂

In other news, I went to the hardware store to get the U-profile aluminium, but the stores' personnel could not find it. I have one on back order, and it should arrive in a few days. I also ordered the ASUS Armor Kit for the Z87 Gryphon motherboard today, and that too should arrive this week.

That is it from me for now. Take care 😄

Welcome again to another update 🙂

Today I would like to report on progress made with making a paper prototype of the top plate, where the tubing will go through into the PC. I do not like the original plate as I think that there is too much going on which takes away from the clean look that I am aiming for. Here is what it looks like "stock":

Here is the first prototype that I had made and printed from SketchUp. I thought it was missing something...

And the last prototype. This one I am most happy with. To get a start on the tube routing, I might have to make this panel by hand instead of waiting for the CNC mill to be repaired.

And here is the associated render to show what I am aiming for. I am currently debating if I should have the front IO panel or not. I do not need it, and plan on installing a vandal switch somewhere else, so it might just go.

I will be picking up the U-channel which came in just today at my local hardware store, so I hope to have it cut, ready to be painted with the rad installed.

Have a good one!
Justin "MetallicAcid" Ohlsen

Level 10
You always get do the cool stuff...
Say hi to the next generation.

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Antronman wrote:
You always get do the cool stuff...

I know! 😄 My wife hates it though 😛

Best regards,

Hey guys!

Today's update is featuring some Corsair Vengeance Pro 2133 16GB RAM that I modified with giving it a lick of Carbon Black paint. I am planning on doing something with the stickers at a later time, like creating my own or covering them with vinyl. There isn't much more to write about, so enjoy the pics 🙂

Bonus photo: A nice way to have them cure faster 😉 There is plenty of warmth coming from this Dell Ultrasharp 27U11 to help with this normally long procces.

Thanks for coming along and reading once again!
Best regards,
Justin "MetallicAcid" Ohlsen