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Making it fit in a Mid-Tower

Level 7
So, was running a bit to hot with my new 3090TI and challenge was to fit everything inside a small Deepcool Mid-Tower and more place !!!
Well there's always some more space if you think outside the box loll 😉
Build a full compartment on the top and relocated the switches and USB port (that makes it a lot more easier to access) . Also made 3 "Venturi" port for the fans housing that kinda makes the "Push-Pull" over my dual flow rad very efficient !!! Gain a good lower temp from this, about 13°c less then i had on full gaming.
Added another pump in the loop to balance the flow rates and results are quite nice 🙂 Lots of fun to build this anyway lolll

..--Maximus V Formula --.. ..--I7 3770k--.. ..--Corsair Dominator 1866 --.. ..--2x EAH6850 Crossfire--.. ..--750w Corsair--.. ..--Jiffy Lub WaterCooled--..

Looks kinda cool with the external hardline. I would be sooo afraid to break it. 😄
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Level 13
Pure genius. Well done.