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Looking at custom cooling help

Level 7
I have a Lian Li 011D case, Maximus XI Extreme with i9-9900k and a Strix 2080ti OC.
I am looking on building a custom loop and have spec'd it out on several manufacturers websites (all cost roughly same).
Is any better than the other?

EK, Bykski (Primochill), Bitspower, Corsair etc?

I know looks wise it is down to personal preference, but is one brand better/more reliable/worth spending extra?

Level 8
Most of my setup is Thermaltake with hard piping. The bends were made MUCH easier by buying the thermaltake pipe bending kit.

My CPU block is an EK Velocity, which works very well, but I did have circulation problems that were caused by an air bubble in the block. It took several days for it to shift, but it keeps a HEAVILY overclocked 10900K running between 40-50 degrees even under load.

Level 7
cdcbr3 wrote:
I have a Lian Li 011D case,

Not anymore. Went and upgraded to the 011d XL ROG Edition Black to get that extra room for the plumbing.
I went with Primochill and packaged everything I needed through them.
I am currently building the loop and this case makes it so much easier.

Pictures to follow when done, but for now....


So here is the finished build8785187852

cdcbr3 wrote:
So here is the finished build8785187852

The o11D XL is very nice!