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Just one of those builds I never got around to posting --- Project SOA

Level 7

I never really had time to get around sharing this. This is a water cooled build that I completed at the beginning of last year. It took about 4 months to complete. There are two separate water loops running. Each managed by their own Aquaero 5 controller. The radiators, pumps, reservoirs and controllers are all custom mounted. Every cable and water tube is custom sleeved. Additional Led lighting has been strategically placed around the case to give the greatest affect. The entire system is placed in a dedicated glass cube which is separately air conditioned to the rest of the room. This build was one part of the entire game room....

All the parts were purchased the year before, yet still this system still rocks. Here is a complete parts list:

4x EVGA GeForce GTX 680 Classified Hydro Copper, 4096 MB DDR5 which are connected to 3 Samsung 32" LED Screens
Intel Core i7-3970X Processor 15MB Cache Socket LGA2011 6 Core 12 Thread overclocked to 4.5Ghz+
Corsair Dominator GT Quad Channel 64GB DDR3-1866MHz
ASUS Rampage IV Extreme
2X Samsung 840 PRO Series 2,5 SSD, SATA 6G - 512GB
2x Corsair AX1200 Power Supplies

1x LD Cooling Bench Table LD PC-V4-BL - Blue
2x aqualis XT 880 ml with fill level sensor and LED holder, G1/4
4x Aquacomputer mount for aqualis reservoir
2x Temperature sensor inline G1/4 for aquaero, aquastream XT and aquaduct
1x Einbaublende für poweradjust 2 USB, Aluminium schwarz eloxiert
2x aquacover dual DDC, cover for Laing und Swiftech pumps, G1/4
4x Aqua Computer D5-Pumpenmechanik mit Tachosignal
4x airplex modularity system 480 mm, aluminum fins, one circuit, stainless steel side panels
2x aquaero 5 PRO USB fan controller, graphic LCD
2x Reduzierung G1/4 außen auf G1/8 innen mit O-Ring
1x waterblock for aquaero 5, G1/4
2x Flow sensor "high flow" G1/4 for aquaero, aquastream XT ultra and poweradjust
2x aquabus cable for tubemeter
4x poweradjust 2 USB, ultra version
1x aquaero power connect - 24 pin ATX standby power / ATX break
2x Plug for relay connector, 3 contacts (for aquaero 5)
8x RGB illumination module for aquaero 5
1x Aquacomputer Fillport with deaeration manual and filling bottle
1x Tygon R3400 Schlauch 12,7/9,5mm (3/8"ID) Black 15m (50ft) "Boxed"
3x XSPC tubing PVC 19/13mm (1/2"ID) UV-active red
1x Prolimatech PK-1 Nano Aluminium Thermal Compound - 30g
4x Bitspower Absperrhahn 1/4 Zoll - shiny silver
72x EK Water Blocks EK-PSC 13/10mm Anschraubtülle G1/4 (ID 3/8" OD 1/2") - E-Nickel
20x EK Water Blocks Adapter 1/4 Zoll 90 Grad - silver
10x EK Water Blocks Adapter 1/4 Zoll 45 Grad - silver
10x EK Water Blocks EK-Extender G1/4
20x Bitspower Wasser-Einfüllöffnung 1/4 Zoll - shiny silver
4x Bitspower T-Adapter 3x IG 1/4 Zoll - shiny silver
2x Koolance HF Schnellverschluss gerade female, 1/4 Zoll
1x Koolance HF Schnellverschluss gerade male auf 19/13mm
27x Aerocool Shark Devil Red Edition LED Lüfter - 120mm