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Jsaux Rog Ally Case

Level 7

Review impression

Hey, this is my first time posting in this sub. Previously, I had a Steam Deck and used it with a JSAUX case. I'm quite happy with the case, especially the added belt that allows me to attach a power bank, SSD, etc. It's sturdy and can even hold a power bank.

Recently, I sold my Steam Deck while waiting for the OLED version. In the meantime, I bought a pre-owned ROG Ally with some warranty remaining from the previous owner. I'm pleased with the Ally and bought another case from JSAUX, which I received today. Here's my initial impression for those planning to buy it:

  1. The color is nice, white, but I have some concerns. Since it's white and has a textured grip, it might collect grime from my hands over time. Black might be a better option.

  2. The back holder is a nice addition compared to the Steam Deck version. However, it's a bit to the side and too thin, making it a bit wobbly from the other side of the Ally. I understand the design constraint due to the belt position.

  3. The most disappointing aspect is the belt holder. Unlike the Steam Deck version, it's thin, small, and very loose, unable to hold anything securely. I'll probably wait for another case from dbrand. Despite getting this case with a discount, I'm pretty disappointed compared to the Steam Deck version. In my opinion, they should redesign the belt placement similar to the Steam Deck.