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It's what's inside that counts.

Level 10
I had my Corsair 600T that I decided to replace. The main reason that I decided to replace it was that the power button was on top of the case. No matter where I put the case my cat would find it, jump on it, and shut it down right in the middle of a big fight i DOTA2 every time.

I was then building a PC for a coworker with a $16 MSI case and I forgot how small a regular mid tower was. I decided to go to Microcenter and find something small that would accommodate my H100i and my AX1200i. Needless to say I couldn't find it. I then cam across a Inland gold 600w PSU for $35 with a 3 year service plan for $5. I decided to buy that and another $16 MSI case.

I could have kept the 1200AXi in my new $16 case, but I would have had to ditch the CDrom. I then tried to custom fit my H100i to the case but that didnt work either. I put on the stock intel cooler and the temps arent that different. My GPU is running at the same temps and my CPU is running about 5C higher. I have my 4770k at 4.2 and my idle is around 45C.

I have 2 120mm fans on the side and a 90mm fan in the rear. I must say I'm very happy going back to a normal size PC.


Level 18
This reminds me of Pachmayr Pistol grips .. for service weapons .. heavy duty use.
Their motto was .. 'Ugly, but Effective' ... after all as you say the business end is on
the inside. Nice touch with the ROG on the lower left. [Some black electrical tape
with take care of that 'blemish' next to it .. lol.]
And as a bonus .. It's 'Cat Proof' .. Well played.c.

Level 10
After some more bloody knuckles I got my new RAM in and added dust filters to the fans. I also relocated my SSD's to mount on the bottom.
I cant believe how much snappier and better my new $65 RAM is compared to my $300 Dominator kit.
Team Vulcan 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2400 (PC3 19200) Desktop Memory Model TLD38G2400HC...

My old ram

My new RAM

My new RAM in my $16 case and mounted SSD's

And my new dust filters.

Total cost of this build
Intel 4770K & Asus Maximus VI Hero Combo = $409.90
Asus HD7970 = $399.99
(2) 240GB Sandisk Extreme SSD = $378.00
Team Vulcan TLD38G2400HC11CDC01 = $65.00
Inland Gold Series 600w PSU = $39.00
MSI S-2801BS Mid Tower = $16.99

Total Build Cost = $1,308.88
(This excludes fans, cdrom, & card reader)

I am super happy with this build and my computer is really snappy CPU= 4.2 GHz and RAM=2400MHz

Now I just have to sell me Dominator Platinums, AX1200i, and my H100i

Level 15

Level 10
lol, I used the newegg calculator and it said that my current setup is using 650w. I got a 2 year replacement plan for $5 at microcenter. I love microcenter.;)

Level 16
It is a nice little built, but I'm getting nervous by that PSU too... does the 2-year replacement cover the other components too? Because when a PSU is going bad, it can take several other pieces with it too...

Level 7
what happened to the corsair 600t that thing was much sweeter than the current case =/ just cause the cat would jump on it LMAO you should have installed a 420mm rad on top leaving just enough space for your fingers to slide in and turn it on/off but not enough for a cat to fit through LOL im j/k but if you were to WC it actually is an option lol
Rampage IV Extreme
55" Samsung 3D LED 1080p
19" NEC side monitor
4930k @ 3.9ghz (h100i)
Dominator GT 2133mhz 16gb
2xDomiatorGT RAM cooling fans
OCZ Vertex 4 RAID0 2x256gb
Silent Pro GOLD 1200
3xGTX 770's 4GB Windforce TRI-SLI
Sound Blaster Zx
Logitech Z5500 digital 5.1
2xLG 3D Blu ray burners
Silverstone Multi USB3 card reader
2x4terabyte WD backup sata6.0 drives
1x1terabyte WD backup sata6.0 drive
10 Antec tri cool 120mm fans
Razor Deathadder mouse
Corsair 600t

It was for the cat and the space. I needed a case that was under 19 inches in depth. The MSI case was giving me way too high temps. After days of searching I realized that there is no case under 19" that supports the H100. I did find the almost perfect case, the APEX Vortex 3620. I wish it supported the h100, had a window, and better cable management. I also took in Zks advice.

this is why I needed a case under 19"

Im getting idle temps around 30C at 4.2GHz and RAM at 2400MHz. I ordered new SP120 fans for the H80. Those fans are so damn loud and I want to use the AI Suite fan controller.

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Nice thread.. Great gear

can i have those Vulcans? 😉

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btw>are you two related to each other?