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Got my new italian Asus g75 t1040v

Level 7
Hi gamers from around the world!
I'm from Italy and I just got my new Asus.
Still had no time for gaming so far, only updating and fixing. Looking for good games,
I enjoyed Sid Meier's civ3 for years and years and I also love fast cars challenges.

My specs are i7 3610 - 8gb ram - 670m 3gb

I should have a 500gb hdd but for some reason I have a 720gb

My bluray driver is 6x read but could not discover how fast it writes yet.

I am a bit disappointed about the sound quality. Following various threads on this forum I could improve it a little better but still have that little problem with my subwoofer. Only once in a while I can get a rocking sound and I must say speakers may sound really loud!

Generally satisfied.

Great to be here!

Level 10
Get us some pics man ! We want to see that beauty 😛