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Formula VII | 4790K | 970 SLI | Front Base

Level 7
So I've never built a computer before and I figured if I was going to do it, I might as well go big. I managed to buy everything I wanted in about 2 weeks after hatching this brilliant idea. Slight OCD has taken its toll on me too. I had to research every little detail and when I finally started putting it together, I spent 6 hours planning the cable routing with wire ties. When I was sure it was good enough, I spent another 6 hours using color coordinated zip ties tying everything in place and making sure it was just right. It's OK, but I think it could be better. Some of the cabling on the back bugs me but that's more of the fact my case is lacking in adequate tie downs. I realize it's not amazing like most of the modded ones I see here, but it's my first. I'll work up to it. 🙂

The only thing that I am now struggling with is a keyboard and mouse. I think I've decided on Corsair's K70/M65, but I'm sure I'll change my mind six more times before settling on something.

I am a designer so during the day I do 3D modeling and rendering. At night I enjoy engaging in epic battles, winning races and shutting down North Korea so I figured I would put something together that could encompass all of the above with little effort.

I wanted to try overclocking. The i7 K series seems like a perfect test subject, especially with what I do.

I wanted to do water cooling but I settled on this. I liked the fact it was a 360mm radiator and that its different than what everyone else goes with. I dunno, I could have gone with your standard 240mm but whatever.

Um, hello, have you seen this thing?! It's sexy. It's beauty AND beast. The first time I saw it I knew I would end up buying it even though I could have gotten away with something cheaper. Some say it's a vanity board, I say I'm OK with that. What really hooked me was the fact it allowed for water cooling and that was my original intentions. Those ports are just calling out to me...

Research told me over and over again this is by far the best memory available right now. It looks great and I figured no sense in going cheap here. For what I do, 32GB is probably average and overkill for everything else. I originally planned on 4x4GB but was talked in to getting 8GB sticks to have room for upgrade. My OCD didn't allow me to just buy 2x8GB because then I would have 2 empty slots on my motherboard and that would bother me, so I just went ahead and upgraded to 4x8GB.

I just purchased the 530 a week prior to this build for my other computer. I figured since I was building new I would use it in this one for now. I am planning on upgrading to the 850 EVO once I figure out which keyboard/mouse I'm going to use. Since I have a 4TB external, I don't need much else so I threw in a WD Blue 1TB for storage.

I knew I was going to SLI but I didn't know which cards. Since I had an ASUS board, I figured I would look at their cards. The 970 was nice, good reviews, easy to OC a little but wasn't my first choice. While doing my research I came across the Poseidon series and was drooling over the 980. Like my motherboard, it would make water cooling very easy, however it wasn't out and at the time there was no release date. I think I cried myself to sleep that night. I sucked it up and after trying three different times I was finally able to buy a couple 970's before they were instantly sold out again. Now that the 980 Poseidon is out, I can't stop thinking how 2 of those would have looked. 🙂

Probably the one thing I would change. I saw this case awhile ago and I liked it. When I decided on building a computer, it was the first thing I bought. After doing a little research, I see there are some really, really nice cases out there. Don't get me wrong, I still love this case, but for example, have you see the In Win Tou?!!? It's a work of art and my next computer is going to use that case if they still have them. The other thing I have to say is NCIXUS was the only company that had the HAF-X in stock so I bought it from them. Like I said, it was the first thing I purchased...and the last thing to arrive. It took a week to verify and another week to get shipped out. When I did get confirmation it was finally being shipped, I had made a purchase that same day from Newegg for my graphics cards and those arrived 3 days before my case did, even though they were shipped from the same city (Industry, CA - and I'm in CA). I can honestly say I won't be making any additional purchases from them.

I was talked in to going with a EVGA 1000w. After doing my research I'm glad I did. Hello, 10 year warranty, completely modular and not to mention the cables matched my growing theme. Based on the pictures though I thought it would have a rough texture to it but it's actually quite nice. Probably a little more than I wanted to spend on a PSU and probably could have gotten away with an 850w but again, whatever. I have room to grow.

Here is where I'm lacking. I currently have a single 32" Vizio smart tv as my monitor. I had purchased it before realizing there was a difference. I mean, it does look good, but not great. Since then I have done a far amount of research and I have seen the error in my ways. I'm still struggling to decide which would work best for what I do but I do know I am going back to a 3 monitor setup. I'm just not sure if 4K, 1440p, or 144hz would best suit my tastes. Yes I know, I have been looking at the ROG Swift and I may consider 3 of those if I throw in the towel for those 980 Poseidons.

I saw these and just liked them. Classy, cool, good reviews and matched my scheme. I was originally planning on doing a push-pull setup on my CPU radiator but read you gain nothing but additional noise so now I have 3 extra SP120's sitting here. I also swapped out the rear 140mm for the Corsair AF140. These fans are stupid quiet. I seriously cannot even tell my computer is on. Dead silence 90% of the time and I even have the fan controller set to turbo.

HEADPHONES: My girlfriend bought these for me last year for Christmas. I like them a lot. I rarely use headphones as I prefer to use speakers but I'll use them late at night after everyone is sleeping so no one knows I'm trying to take over the world.

Over-priced glorified fan controller but it looks so darn cool. I love racing and it just matches me. It's functional too. I am still learning how to fully use it, but it's really great for keeping an eye on my temperatures and clock speed while steadily working up my overclocking.

Magnetic 7 piece set for the HAF-X case. I purchased these from FrozenCPU and both the DEMCiflex and FrozenCPU website stated they were a 5 piece kit, however I received 7 pieces. These are quality and highly recommended for everyone. Sure they are a little expensive, but worth every dollar to keep dust, dirt and cat hair out of your system. I can't say enough about how great these are. I'm confused though, why do I need filters on exhaust fans? If there was some dust in my computer, wouldn't I want it to escape rather than be trapped inside by the filter?

I've just started overclocking but I've ran a couple tests to see how it's doing. I'm running at a very stable 4.7 and have recently bumped it up to 4.8. Not sure how much higher I can go but as of now so far so good. I have my graphics cards slightly overclocked and will work on those after I'm done with the CPU. Taking things slow since this is all new to me.



Level 7

Level 7
i have a similar setup. M7G with 4790k and frontbase. frontbase works ok for reporting but how about OC button? can you get it to overclock on 4790k? mine underclocks to 4.2G on lvl1 and 4.4G to lvl2. if i press again to go back to no oc it will bsod. my previous chip , the 4770k would overclock from 3.9 to 4.2 and 4.4 which was acceptable. whats your experience on this?

Level 7
Pkaras11 Have you updated the firmware on the frontbase? I've heard of out of date versions causing issues(I've got an OC panel, and never had an issue). Todamgood, that is one sexy beast.

Level 7
Nice setup! i too will be building my first pc soon. I'm hoping all goes well and I don't have to send any parts back lol. My cable management is going to drive me nuts...being it's my first build..I'm gonna want everything perfect lol.