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For the Love of ROG!

Level 10
Hey guys,

I'm overall new to the building scene however, I've been a PC gamer since... well... 56k and ball mice.

I thought I'd show off my first build that I researched, and put together myself. I wanted something that would be somewhat future-proof yet not break the bank (throw all that out the window, I'm addicted... I would build 6 more right now for no reason if I could). The specs of my build are as follows:

ASUS Crosshair V Formula
AMD FX-6200 3.8GHz w/ 4.1GHz Turbo OC'd at 4.5GHz stable
32GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance Red
725w Coolermaster Extreme 2 PSU
Corsair H100 CPU Cooling
NZXT Switch 810 FULL (Special Matte Black Edition)

I have almost all fan slots occupied with the NZXT Enthusiast white fans (love these, they are super quiet, provide great air flow and I got them on sale half price at $9.99. They are the stock fans that come with the case as well) with exception to the fans I replaced on the Corsair radiator which were loud as hell!! Those were replaced with 2 BitFenix Spectre PRO White LED fans.

Here are some pics (sorry about the quality, iphone cam):


Let me know what you think!
Some of the changes that I would have done to the build in retrospection would be:

1) Spend a bit more on the video card (I will be replacing the current with 2 x ASUS GTX 660Ti's. Hopefully more TOP editions will be available through NewEgg or my local supplier by the time I'm ready to order but looks like I'm stuck with just the OC version ATM.)

EDIT: With the recent MSRP leak of ATI's new 8870 I believe I will play my cards based off this and hold off until either its release or it's Nvidia competition (which I'm hoping will see a price drop as well).

2) Cut it down to only 16GB of RAM but spend the same price roughly for a newer or better product (don't get me wrong, I love the vengeance but yes, 32GB is overkill!!).

3) Went with a fully modular power supply with approximately 1000-1100w.

Other then that I'm very happy with this build which rang in at just under $1500 CDN with taxes and all.

Level 10
Here's a look at the best stable 3DMark 11 Benchmark I could get with her all OC'd. Temps were running a bit hot but nothing ridiculous. I was very impressed with the overclocking capabilities of the AMD CPU's.. for only $150, this thing performed way above and beyond my expectations!

Level 15
Hi, looks great mate, nice and tidy.

Level 40
I was really impressed with your honest assessment of the parts you had bought. Most folks will kid them self and justify what they ended up ordering. And I fully agree with all the points you made.

You enjoy your system and thank you for the images. Look really nice.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 18
Indeed, Welcome to ROG.

(be careful with the rig on that carpet .. rubber mat..or wood.imho[[static 'cling']]..
[[not to mention the exhaust for the psu is restricted.]]... congrats.c.

Level 9
Nice setup!


..Don't you have leggs? 😄

Arniebomba wrote:
Nice setup!


..Don't you have leggs? 😄

I'm thinking Jstn games side saddle? 😄
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…

Thanks guys!
Real men side saddle.
Haha in all seriousness I think I need a new desk though, this tower is huge and desmasculates my desk so I am forced to leave her running on the floor at the moment!
If I were to justify those parts as being the best of the best for the price I would either be lying or highly uneducated. I only started digging and researching about PCs a month ago when I was ordering parts for this build.. I have learned so much since then and continue to learn a lot each day.
The AMD 6200 vs 8150 was a hard choice for me, I chose the 6200 for its 6 physical cores vs the 8150's 4 physical/4 floating. The overclocking performance seems similar with the 8150 a hair ahead.

Level 14
is the psu pushing air in to the case or out the bottom?
if i was you i would put a plate under the box ( just as big as the bottom of the case ) so it drags air from under too.
can be a wooden board or some thing ( can paint it so it matches the carper or the machine )
and nice build 😉
got the same case behind me here, just awaiting on some parts before i can start my build.

Good point kkn, It is exhausting out the back but underneath on the floor where the dust filters are, she's probably getting restricted circulation. I'm still trying to find a solution to get this baby off the carpet. I have one of those cube organizers next to the computer (don't know if you can see it in pics or not.) I think I'm going to Tapcon that to the wall (concrete wall, apartment building) and put my PC on top of that. I just have a fear of putting my computer up high considering the last time I did that I walked away from my computer with my headset on and smash went the case! I am a carpenter by trade, so I could easily make a nice stand for it, but i'd prefer to get it at eye level if possible!