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First Build - Finally a GO!! - Couple Questions aswell

Level 7
Whats up its bin awhile since posting here. Iv been really busy moving towns and spending all my money and delaying my build but iv got it up and running and thought id share with all you helpfully people.

So to recap on my shopping list that has changed many times with your great advice:

Nzxt Switch 810 - MatteBlack
Asus VG278 144hz Monitor
ROG Rampage iv Formula
Intel 3930k
Corsair Domminator Platnium - 32Gb 1600mhz 9-9-9-24
Corsair H100i
Corsair AX1200
Windows7 Ultimate
Samsung 840pro 128Gb x2
CMSTORM Trigger Keyboard
Razer Deathadder 3.5G
$20 Samsung Optical Drive

---So these things i was able to get and put together all im missing is:
Asus Gtx6804GB x2
WD Red 2TB x 4 (RAID10)
ASUS PB278Q 2550x1440 Monitor

So instead of getting two PB287Q Monitors I decided to get X1 PB and x1 VG278
I Plan on gaming and figured two PB's wouldn't be of use as one of them would just be a secondary screen for web,music tool bars email.....

The VG278 is cheaper and better for gaming. By the way if anyone is wondering it is a great monitor, I read many reviews and comments with ALOT of people complaining about its colours and pretty much everything but its frame rate.But being a signwriter and graphic designer I know colours and there is nothing at all wrong with this monitor.

So with the Build........
Im am very happy to say everything went well with out a single drama :o, expect with me taking about an hour to push the on button with nervs :eek:. It was alot of fun but to be honest i wish it was alot more difficult and time consuming, I had to much Fun
So some Pix: Sorry about the Photos all i had was my phone





So i had to take all the outside of the case because of some damage out of the box, wasn't to happy and took about 6weeks for the replacement parts to arrive,this was my first purchase

So I assumed that the 3930k had integrated graphics after reading about it some where only to find minutes before turning on my pc this wasn't true, think i was confused with the 3990x i think its called (That $1000 one)
but luck would have it i have a piece of a pc i save from the tip thinking maybe one day it would come in handy.....what do ya know.....:cool:
It had a Geforce 9900GT, no idea if this was anygood in its day but it saved the day that's for sure. i had a laugh with my badass build and sh box card sitting in there but no complaints..yet



My internet is really bad :mad: at the moment im using a USB Dongle which sux,windows update took for ever and trying to download the odd programes is a mission.
but iv started looking a the software that came with the mobo but have no idea there purpose yet


Is this correct?


Should it say 1600mhz in DRAM Freq?

Il update again soon,thanks all


Level 14
times it whit 2 and you have the frequency

Level 7
oh very good thanks man

Level 7
another question:
I was planning on gettin x2 GTX 680 4GB because i was planning on gaming on the PB278q and needed the extra ram for the large resolution, but now that i will be gaming on the VG278 @1080 will the 2GB model do?