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First advanced PC Build

Level 7
So after years of playing around with computers i decided to try build it with style.
And for some reason i wanted to give water cooling with hardlines a go, wasnt easy for a first timer
The setup camed down to this

Asus maximus formula VII
Intel 4770K @ 4,5gz
G.Skill Ripjaws 16gb 2400mhz
Asus Poseidon 780 x2 SLI
Corsair 750D
Asus ROG front base
Asus ROG Swift monitor

It also consist of 2 radiators, 1 larger at the top with 3*120 fans, wanted to make push/pull but case is to small so in future i will get a koolance shroud for the top of the case i think
also bottom is a smaller rad with 2*120 fans

Gonna post more pictures later, mobile pics is really bad in this dark enviroment

After some hours of bending its finally together with no leaks :confused:
I will do the sleeving to i think, but will do that later i think.

Level 7
Looking forward to better pics! Looks awesome with the MB in the loop!!
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Level 11
you're rig looks really great, nice work..
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