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Fans setup advice

Level 7
Hey guys, total noob here =p

So I finally finished building my first rig, but am very unsure about the performance of my fans setup. Here are the specs:

i7 8700k @ 5Ghz
Asus Strix 1080 ti
16gb Gskill TridentZ
Corsair H150i Pro 360mm
Asus Maximus X Formula
Corsair MX750
Case: Phanteks Evolv X

What I did was mount the 360mm radiator in the front as intake, replacing the 2x140mm stock fans and moving them to the top as exhausts. So now I have 3x120mm Corsair ML fans sitting behind a radiator as intake, and 3x140mm as exhaust. I feel that this might be highly inefficient, creating negative pressure, which is a nightmare in my room, as it has carpet =(

Also, I have plugged the H150i pro in the CPU_FAN header, but am able to control the via iCUE. The exhaust fans are plugged in the CPU_OPT at the moment.

As I said before, I'm a first timer... So, the question is: how do you manage to get a good airflow in this case with the 360mm radiator (positive pressure preferably)? Is it just through custom fan curves controlling the intake/exhaust, or is there any smarter way for this setup?

Any advice is deeply appreciated. Thanks heaps!!

Level 7
You'll need to work out the cfm of your fans, to get positive pressure you'll need to have a higher intake cfm. My current setup is 2 fromt 140mm intakes, plus a 120mm at the bottom. Then a 140mm exhaust at the rear and 2 140mm at the top exhausting my H115i Pro.

I debated putting the rad at the front, but didn't want any heat from the rad pusing warm air onto my Vega 64.

For the cooler, mines plugged into the cpu header and can control the fans fine with iCue, on my Maximus X Hero. Can you see the cooler in iCue? Are you able to change the pump speed?

The link below is a small spreadsheet that will calculate the cfm. just enter the fan cfm and number of fans. The speed % is a just an extra. In my setup you can see that my intake cfm is higher, creating positive pressure.