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Diffuser options for LED strip lighting

Level 11
Hey all. I've been looking into some clever ways that people have diffused the lighting of their LED strips in or on their cases. I know that various things well get the job done. Heck, I've even seen people say they placed wax paper over their LEDs..
I want to come up with something that looks nice and natural inside my case.

I started looking around on Amazon and noticed these.

I really like the idea of the transparent, black smoked plastic covers that are used, but i have no real need or practical way of mounting aluminum rails inside my case.. I took measurements, all the rails are simply too wide. Honestly, if I could find just the transparent cover that snaps into those rails, it would be perfect! I could place them right over the strips running along the bottom of my case, in front of the PSU shroud. Unfortunately I can't seem to find just the smoked plastic caps anywhere I looked. They are usually sold with the rails, and are pricey, considering I'd have no use for the rails...

So, I was wondering if anyone had any alternative ideas? What have you used to diffuse your RGB LED strip lighting?
Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated!
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