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Desk Art

Level 9
Hey guys,

let me introduce myself.My name is Pascal and im from holland.
I already made a few scratch builds and this desk is one of them.
So here some nice pictures of my desk Desk Art.

Hardware specs.

Amd Phenom 2 1055t
Asus crosshair iv formula
Corsair dominator gt 1866 4x2gb
XFX HD6950 2gb
Crucial m4 64gb
WD 1tb
CM silent pro gold 800W


houndazs wrote:
If only i had the time and skills....oh yea and money. Awesome work man! Can i fly you to my house to build me a setup!? lol

Thanks houndazs and sure get me a ticket i will come to your house. 😄

HiVizMan wrote:
I like that - that really works for me. A synergy of form and function.


Thanks HiVizMan .

chrsplmr wrote:
I have never seen finer.

Thanks chrsplmr.

TheGarage wrote:
Great Job. That looks really really nice.

Thanks TheGarage.

MarshallR@ASUS wrote:
At first I was like "Very pimp, truly functional!" :cool:

And then I was like "OMG THE LIGHTING IS AWESOME!" :eek:

Thanks MarshallR and im also very happy whit the lighting effect. 😄


gozer echt helemaal de bom die case van jou!
for the people that don't speak dutch:
Wow, Man your case is top Notch

Greetz Henkenator68NL
The Netherlands

Thanks a lot mate. 😄

OMG, that was so amazing...
i just want say WOW

Cygnitr0n wrote:
I saw that nobody has given a 5star rating. So I did it. Very nice build! The color is really nice. I follow it in NL. Greetz from Holland 😉

Thanks for the stars and your kind words. 😄

ASUS-ROG wrote:
OMG, that was so amazing...
i just want say WOW

Thanks mate. 😄

WOW im speechless, amazing work!

Level 18
Paslis.... you are most Welcome.. we will be watching for you to pop up around here...
.... you are onto something here....ROG for it.c.

Thanks c and keep an eye out for this one .Its gonna take me at least 8 months to finish i guess and the hardware isnt decided yett because im still thinking what to use.

Level 11

I'm gob-smacked.

This contraption really rocks!

How long, dare I ask it took you to build??
ASUS ROG RVIE Encore| i9-10940x | Dominator Platinum 128GB 3333 MHz | EVGA RTX 2080 Ti SLI | Samsung 970 Pro 1TB NVMe (x3)
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Level 9
Thanks ULtraNEO and it took me almost 6 months to finish. 😄