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DeepCool impossible mission

Level 7
So, after 10 years of running my old HAF .... decided to spend a bit and build a new machine 😮

Crosshair Formula VIII
AMD X5900
Corsair Vengeance 3600 64gb
Asus RTX 3060 DUAL 12gb
2x M2 Samsung 980 pro 1Tb
2x SSD Kingston 250Gb (old ones)
Corsair CX750F RGB
Phantek Distro plate
Freezemod 800l/h pump
Corsair CPU water block
Bykski GPU water block (not arrived yet :rolleyes:)
T-Virus tank
Zalman Reservator radiator (old one)

Was a fun project to fit everything into this small Mid-Tower but i was fed-up with my huge dust collector monster lollll and was out of date as for performance by.... 10 YEARS lolll

So here ya go, 3 days of work and fun and colorful new toy 😉

***sorry for the pics but this Vbulletin board needs badly to be tweek !!! Admin ... i can help you out with some MODS to make it work a bit better 😛 ****


..--Maximus V Formula --.. ..--I7 3770k--.. ..--Corsair Dominator 1866 --.. ..--2x EAH6850 Crossfire--.. ..--750w Corsair--.. ..--Jiffy Lub WaterCooled--..

Level 13
HI bro, nice try with red theme which my preferred RED. But, hope you dont feel personal. It kind of complicated in vision. Sorry If I am blunt.