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Cyborg Vanna White

Level 7
I have stalked the forums for a while and you guys sure can build some nice rigs. I built this one a few months back and about broke the bank. Now I just need to find myself an addicting game. Still looking for that Ultima Online or Counterstrike feeling to come back. Although I am excited about Star Citizen. Well enough of the jibber jabber and on with the specs.
I call her Cyborg Vanna White because I wanted something that was sexy but still classy 😜
I7-4790k CPU
ASUS Sabertooth Z97
SLI 770GTX's
2x Samsung 840 Evo's 250g in raid0
16g Corsair Vengeance
Model M IBM Keyboard
ASUS VX238h 23inch Monitor
NZXT h440 case
Bitfenix Spectre Pro Fans
Razor tapian mouse
I-2 steel series mouse pad
Astro a40 headset and dac
The cpu is overclocked to 4.5GHZ using a thermaltake water 3.0. I wish I went with the Kraken and maybe hit 4.6 stable. I painted the sabertooth armor white and absolutely love the clean look of the board. I am running two 770gtx's in sli with an evga bridge that I also painted white along with the cases. I added two 840 evo's in raid zero and cannot wait to get my hands on the new ASUS esata hard drive. Kind of wish I went with dominator ram and painted the sinks. I added an arctic ram cooler to the vengeance 2x8g sticks (Think the ram cooler is a bit cheesy but eh). The model M keyboard is a Frankenstein of a 1987 and a 1993 trackpoint. I took the keys and graphics from the trackpoint and painted the keyboard case white. I have a vinyl cutter that I used to add all of my graphics. I bought the white monitor not realizing it didn’t have a bracket mount… Luckily it popped apart pretty easily and was able to attach it to the ICW mount. The Arm that the computer sits on was made by ICW and it’s the same kind you will find in your doctor’s office. I welded the shelf and the stanchion. I cheated with the cables and bought extensions along with lutroo cable combs. The hardest part was finding an old I-2/Icemat. I am guessing that glass and raging doesn’t mix very well. That’s all for now if you want to know anything about myself or the build ask away. Seem like a pretty cool community and I guess it’s about time I joined one.

Level 11
Now THATS different!

Level 7
Well I lost my job and the business I started fell through. So now I must sell this labor of love. It's a great machine and every inch was done with extreme care. If you are interested here is the listing for it : Thank you all for letting peak into your builds for awesome innovative idea's. Hopefully soon I will be back on my feat and able to partake in making these computers of awesome.

Level 7
Wow, nice setup! Wish I would have logged onto this forum sooner. That would have fit nicely into my budget and room!

I pray you get back on your feet!