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Custom Loop Alternative Build - All Liquid for Less Cabbage

Level 7
AIO on the CPU and AIO on the GPU

I wanted an all liquid cooled gaming set up but did not want to take the time, or spend the money to build a custom loop. I have built several custom loop machines for myself, my son and some of my friends. I recently sold my system to my brother in law and set out to build a new machine. I went the AIO route to save some coin and to try it out (never used AIO before).

So far after about 3 weeks of hard gaming I am really happy with the results. Much closer to custom loop specs than I would have thought. My only complaint is AIO radiators are too thin. Not enough surface area to capture surge cooling under quick spin up CPU heat build. I solved with 2 Fan Push/Pull sandwiches. Sorted it right out for basically no money (just used the stock fans that came with the AIO for the pull side.)

AIO Hybrid Card from EVGA works GREAT! Way better than I thought. No noticeable difference from home grown loop. In truth, one could argue it is better because you don't pick up the CPU heat in the coolant. 2x Fan Push/Pull is way overkill but I have this OC'd to the max so I figured, why not.

Side Note: The RTX 2080 Super Hybrid is NVIDIA's best kept secret. HUGE upside on the OC for this card. 125 offset on the GPU all day long. 1350 stable OC on the memory clock all day long. The 16 Gbps on this is the same memory speed as the TI and way cheaper. I have this thing benching higher than stock TI's for a lot less money. I see no difference in practical performance with all settings ultra. Best 700 bucks I DIDN'T spend. Don't care what people say, the numbers don't lie.

CPU Benchmark - RealBench Score 210,421 @ 82C max temp
GPU Benchmark - FurMark Score 11473 @ 52C max temp

System Specs:

Case - Lian Li 011 Dynamic XL ROG Edition
CPU - i9 9900KS - OC 5.0 x 8 with 0 AVX Offset
AIO - ROG Ryuo 240 AIO with 4x Fan in Push/Pull Sandwich
RAM - GSkill Trident Z RBG DDR4 3600 - XMPII 3600
MB - ROG Maximus XI Hero wifi
M.2 - 2tb M.2 NVME Samsung 970 PRO Plus x2 in Raid-0
HDD - 6tb Seagate IronWolf 7200x256 Hybrid NAS HDD
GPU - EVGA RTX2080 Super Hybrid AIO 120 2x Fan Push/Pull Sandwich - OC 2055 x 9100
PSU - PowerSpec 850w Gold RGB - Modular w/ CableMod ModFlex Cables - White
FAN - ThermalTake Quad RGB Fans x9 w 2x TT Controllers
12 Total Fans +2 (GPU and PSU) 14 spinning all in
Mon - 49" ROG Strix XG49VQ

Level 12
Fun times. I just did my first hard tube water-cooling experience and it is a lot of fun. Time consuming as you say but fun. Is there a wall in that picture? HAHA That's a nice monitor
Maximus XI Formula, I9-9900k, Phantex Evolove X, Seasonic Titanium 850W, Custom loop PE360+SE360 Rad, G.Skill Trident Z F4-3200C14 32g, Nvidia Reference RTX 2080 TI, Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1Tb, Windows 11

Awesome setup. That is one ultra wide monitor!