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Custom build (Batman vs Superman) Dual PC desk "MEGA-DESK"

Level 10
Hi everybody.

Man, it's been a long time since i posted a full pc build. I hope you guys like this crazy project.

WHAT am i building?
I decided to build a PC desk. My last PC's where custom Mountain mod's and Danger Den's. So watercool heaven inside the case.
I like big cases and many screens :cool:

I wanted to do something different like a pc desk. But it had to be something 'special' / a real eye catcher. After looking for hours
around the internet for inspiration from other pc desk builders... i was strucked! There are so many INSANE and beautiful
pc desks in the world... No way i could beat those designs. + I have a big desk for my large danger den case and i also do electronics work/
soldering etc. I didnt liked the idea having a great fancy PC desk. And the table next to it will be 'normal'.

So i dropped the idea a few months.

.....Untill i saw this! Its the 'desk' from Batman in the movie: Batman vs Superman.


I just loved the design! It's big / it has side tables / i am pretty sure its one of a kind / How much ROOM would you have for PC systems.
But man...thats a big table! Can i pull if off? I do a lot of customizing on PC's and cars. But this was something else.

However, i am a Laser operator. So i design and lasercut stuff like acrylic and i can also bend it. So the 'vent' design on the table
should be possible. Wat really pulled me over the line... The table is suspended from the ceiling. I thought screw it. I am gonna start building it!!

I will show you guys the building progress of this INSANE project. I luv to hear you guys comments! HATE IT? / LUV IT? / INSANITY? > YES.

Too be

Level 10
So...First i started designing the table with Laserworks just by looking at different screenshots.


From scenes where ben affleck has his hands on the table / guessing LCD screen sizes and what was a great help was the
keyboard on the table. I searched the dimensions of that ergonomic membrane keyboard and used that to guess how wide
the table was.


I have no idea how much drawing time went into it...But it was ALOT. The further i came along, the more important structure
was becoming to get. I did 1000's edits over the months!

When i was finished designing....i totaly forgot the measure my room! Turns out, the table was about 6 meters to my best guess.
My room is only 4.65 meters..LOL. That was a problem. Instead just adjusting the ratio / would look very wrong.
I started taking out sections out the design without drasticly give the look that its 'smaller'.

Doing that, i was able to bring it back to 4.5 meters. Whooohoo.....10 cm of mega space.

Before i went FULL scale... i decided to make a scale model first to get a idea what kind of problems i would run into.


This is made from acrylic and gave a great view on angles.

From this point on....since i also work with KITT and BTTF replicas, i always like to replicate as good as possible. Since
the desk is not a perfect replica anymore (since its 1,5 meters shorter).. I decided i wanna do something more then just
copying it. So i decided to give the table more PC elements. Since i luv ROG......its the eyes man..... i went with
a ROG theme. Besides cutting stuff with lasers, i can also engrave. So i did a few tests with the ROG logo:



What do you think? I think that looks pretty freaking good!

Now before doing the desk...i wanted to do the control panels in the mid-section console first because they where easy to build.

Specially the switchconsole will be intergrated into the table for different controls. I also gave it some special effects to keep you entertaint
being 'batman'







Now that i had finished those panels, i started to get some more inspiration. Here a few Hardware leaks:
It will get 2 ROG mobos / SLI gtx1080 for surround gaming / 1x GTX1070 for VR. 2x watercooling loops / 2x pumps.
360 + 480 RAD > On both sides. Rest will follow.

Also, if i am going to do this, i wanted some cool features. Like the table will be suspended from the ceiling. But you will be able
to change the height electronicly. ALL the vents on the table? Will have RGBW! The side tables have 2 big openings designed
within the vents...there you will see the Mobo's and graphic cards. Maby also reservoir..not sure yet.
And to top it off....i am designing the left and right console to 'rise' when going into game mode / revealing all the vents hidden
underneath the consoles.

LETS SEE...what else do i want??!! I want functional monitors like in the movie in the consoles....and, and VU spectrum displays left and right!
...o.k, o.k..o.k...calm down...

So....TIME TO SHOP FOR MDF wood and SLAP that sh*t on the laser....and lets see where it go's!



To be continued...

So the moment i saw how 'BIG' this table really is going to get, i just could think of one thing:

Dwight schrute from the office. The episode where he had: MEGA-DESK. I found it very fitting for my Project.

My logo idea for MEGA-DESK


During the laser process, i noticed the weight build on of the parts. Luckly i have MANY VENTS. Now i have to admit, i did underestimated
the project a bit now that it was growing in size and structure became a huge deal. The moment a build gets heavy, it gets more expensive 😛

But i was determined to continue and kept on designing.


Here the 2 parts are glued together and i am making extra cuts to lay in the RGB strips. Alot....ALOT of RGB strips.




A heavy table needs a strong frame. The final actuators will be 4x 200mm. Will give me about 150mm of height play.


Its no option for the table hanging in one spot incase of repair or modding. So i am planning a sliding 'rail' system with custom made steel plates. Each plate carry's 8 bearings and will hold 2 steel cables


So now you can slide the table away from the wall.

Some rgb test to see how it will look.




Impressive work!
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…

Since there isnt much interest in the topic....let me skip the build blog and just upload the latest update.








Is that a control panel salvaged from another device?
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…

xeromist wrote:
Is that a control panel salvaged from another device?

You mean the far left panel on the console? No. All panels are custom designd and build.

The devices i use 'inside' / or behind the panels are existing the panel on the left, those are
a Lab-power supply and soldering station. I do alot soldering an electrics stuff on the side tables,
so i need functional stuff haha. So this table will be for the large part fully functional. Only few
turning dail buttons are fake. But all have functional potentiometers behind them. So you can always add
new features to the table in the future.

But the control panels are all custom 🙂

Yeah, I noticed the rework & solder labels so I wondered if that was a transplant or original creation.
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…