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Custom AM4 I just finished, almost, still need to upgrade into a 4.0 video card.

Level 9

I just finished my second custom PC build. This is Flow. I just finished her this year and been working on her for three years collecting her parts, and now all I need to finish her is a video card, but she's almost complete. This is a really nice machine. This machine in parts alone costs $1,400.00 dollars. The value of the computer is around $2-3k dollars. It's a custom built and designed AM4, meaning I built it and designed it myself and with my own creativity. She's really amazing and plays VR games and normal PC games but can interface with the Oculus Quest and play games through her video card. The machine is three years old, and will last around twenty plus years, as long as I maintain her, and she can be upgraded on the processor once, and I already performed all other upgrades, so that's all I need to upgrade after ten years. This is an AM4 Ryzen 5 3600X. She uses a Rog Strix B550-F Gaming Motherboard and uses Crucial Ballistic 3600 MHz DDR4 16 gig sticks times two. This is what I've been doing as a hobby since I was thirty after teaching myself computers from the ground up over the years.