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Bye Bye Water Cooling!

Level 10
Yesterday I woke up and went to go turn on my PC. My crosshair v formula z was stuck on the splash screen. I reset the cmos and called asus. They said to send it in for a repair. I was already upset because I had some artifacting during games and I thought that even with a high end water cooling system I damaged my video card when the temps never went over 40c.

Wehn comparing specs to my friends pc I realized that the H100 really is the best option. He was getting the same results on CPU cooling as I was with my system that was over $1,000. I did have the GPU cooler but with the money saved i could just buy another GPU and not have to overclock them.

I got sick of having problems so I put my motherboard up on ebay and I ran to Microcenter and picked up a 3930K with a Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4 . Once installed no more artifacting, no more vibration from pumps, and I ordered another 7970 and I dont have to buy a waterblock for it. I still have some cable management to do. I will be selling all my watercooling stuff. If anybody wants anything PM me.


Level 15
Sorry to hear about your misfortune, Hartacus. I know you had invested a lot of time and money into setting up that awesome machine.

Enjoy your new X79 build. 🙂

Level 10

I added another 7970 and got my RAM up to 2100MHz.

After doing some bench marking I've realized that water cooling doesn't pay. The H100i is perfect and cheap. I'm running my 3930K at 4.5Ghz and never pass 50C. Instead of cooling my 7970 I picked up another 7970 that was refurbished. It was cheaper then the Komodo block and the Alphacool pump. Don't forget about the money for the radiators and all the fittings. My analysis is, only build a custom wc setup if you want it to look cool or you are maxed out on hardware. If you can still buy a better CPU or another GPU you should do that instead.

Level 7
i also ran into this dilema, got the h50 pump instead because my amd 4100 stays at 4.5ghz and runs nicely under 55c with it. my w.c just got too expensive to maintain. ph balance, etc etc. i do like all that room you got now!! can make a nice shroud and call it done! very nice build man.

Level 16
Well, Hartacus, the thing is that the AMD system has it's serious limitations... even they have 8-core CPUs, those can not compete against the 6-core Sandy Bridge Extremes...

Also, I have to agree with you regarding the watercooling... in everyday use, including gaming, cooling with water won't give so much performance boost as it costs... - as you said, it's more for look... specially when one wants to put everything in a regular pc chassis...

Now, enjoy your new system! :cool:

Level 7
im glad i checked this thread out, i was realy considering going to liquid cooling on my system. but now i think ill just save the money. thanks for the heads up. ive herd ups and downs on variouse sights from other people who water cool but a realistic analysis is always nice. im a everyday gamer and would hate to have issues with my gpus and my picture messing up. build looks great either way brother.