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[Buildlog] IMP

Level 10
Welcome to my buildlog of the Bitfenix Prodigy called: IMP

What is an Imp?
An imp is a mythical creature, similar to a fairy or demon. They are common in folklore and superstition. The word Imp is probably derived from the term Ympe.
Imps in most stories are more naughty than truly a threat to humans. Imps are originally found in Germanic mythology, in which they are described as small, relatively weak demons. They are often depicted as small, unattractive creatures. They were not necessarily malicious. Their behavior is usually wild and uncontrollable. They love to deceive people, but usually do so purely to get attention.

And this is what the build is about. Small, wild and uncontrollable.

Enjoy! More to come!

Parts of the IMP


  • BitFenix ​​Prodigy Mini-ITX - Black
  • BitFenix ​​Recon Fan Controller
  • BitFenix ​​Prodigy Window Side Panel - Black
  • BitFenix ​​Prodigy Soft Touch Black, Red Frame
  • Corsair Air Series AF120 Performance Edition 1650RPM (optional)


  • Intel Core i5 4670K
  • Cooler Master V8 GTS (optional)
  • ASUS Maximus VI Impact MITX
  • Corsair Vengeance Red Pro 16GB DDR3-1600 CL9 kit
  • ASUS GTX670-DCMOC-2GD5 (optional)
  • Corsair AX850
  • Corsair FORCE GT 120GB SSD

25-6-2013 Placed "Case" Order .
27-6-2013 Build is sponsored by "ModWithMe".
29-6-2013 My order has arrived.
01-7-2013 The Frontpanel send to ModWithMe.

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Level 10

There was a nice package waiting for me.. my precious Intel Core i5 4670K and the Corsair Vengeance Pro.

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Level 10
Minor update!

Today after work there was another package waiting for me! Oh happy joy! 😄
This time there were 3 pieces of plexiglass with the colors: Black, Clear Red en Clear.

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Level 7
love that case, its cool as hell
Rampage IV Extreme
55" Samsung 3D LED 1080p
19" NEC side monitor
4930k @ 3.9ghz (h100i)
Dominator GT 2133mhz 16gb
2xDomiatorGT RAM cooling fans
OCZ Vertex 4 RAID0 2x256gb
Silent Pro GOLD 1200
3xGTX 770's 4GB Windforce TRI-SLI
Sound Blaster Zx
Logitech Z5500 digital 5.1
2xLG 3D Blu ray burners
Silverstone Multi USB3 card reader
2x4terabyte WD backup sata6.0 drives
1x1terabyte WD backup sata6.0 drive
10 Antec tri cool 120mm fans
Razor Deathadder mouse
Corsair 600t


The motherboard is nowhere to be found. But I can not say that I can't do no work on the IMP.
Went shopping today for some Dremelparts. And a saw for plexiglas.

This beautifull Corsair H60 is my new cooler. I wanted a Cooler Master, but then again. The Haswell would be very hot. So that's why I bought this nice piece of watercooling.

And also the Bitfenix Window Side Panel was deliverd with the Bitfenix Spectre 200mm black.

So and now some modwork!

A piece of plexiglas (5mm) with a vile... that won't work! I had forgotten that I had a Dremel Mulititool, whoops!

Fitting, sanding, fitting, sanding, fitting, sanding.... etc etc.

Here the result (Don't mind the fan. I can't life without a PC so build my old mITX motherboard in.)

Nice! It's very clean and neat! Now I can watch the internals from above!

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Level 15

Level 10
Thanks Myk! 😄 Here's more!


The modding from today. It's raining here in the Netherlands so I decided to work on the case.

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Level 15
Looks really great mate!! though you goofed one of the links codes there lol 😛

Thanks Myk, Whehe, yeah had that problem in other forum's to. But it fixed now. 🙂

Level 7
Nice build, It's good to see another build that has mWm involved


And here is my little precious. The unboxing ASUS Maximus VI Impact Mini-ITX!

Enclosed in package:
4x SATA600 cables
1x MPCIE Combo II (excl. M.2 SSD)
1x SupremeFX
1x WiFi Antenna (AC)
1x ROG Casebadge
1x Direct Panel kabel
1x I/O schield
4x Washers for Mount
1x Installation CD-Rom
1x Stickers for cables
1x DIY manual

Thanks for watching!