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Build Log - Triple Threat is the name

Level 8
*** Slow internet warning***

I have been working on this for sometime now.

I will start with pics from the beginning up to now with some commentary.

If this is in the wrong thread I am sorry. I do not look anywhere else on the forums but in the AW18 section.

So this will be my first water cooled systems with some custom work. I have been building PC's a longtime just never custom or water. I fell in love with Case Labs Mercury S8 and that started the downward spiral of my checking account, thanks a lot Case Labs! 🙂

I will update this post with the stuff in the bags and more shots. I want to try to do a detailed log with photos and possibly video along the way. I am in my final stages o deciding on the fan controlling. I originally wanted to use the ROG Front Base as you see in the picture but i don't think that is going to work with the 22 fans ill be using. So any suggestions on fan control for 21 sp120 quiet edition fans and one 140mm corsair quiet fan feel free to post up any suggestions. I am also currently going to initially guid with Corsair Vengeance
Pro 4x4gb 1600 ram. I think before it is said and done I will obtain Corsair Dominator GT ram and use some EK blocks for the ram.

Here is the first list of main components and will update the fittings and other stuff later.

Case Labs Mercury s8 (will update and show config)
Asus Rampage IV Black
Intel i7-4960x
EVGA K|ngP|n 780ti TRI-SLI
Corsair Vengeance Pro 4 x 4gb 1600 ram (probably corsair dominator gt 32gn kit soon 1866)
Samsung 840 Pro 2 x 512gb Raid 0
Corsair AX1500i
Asus ROG Front Base
Corsair sp120 quiet edition x 21
Corsair af140 quiet x 1

Water Parts
EK-CoolStream PE 360 (Triple) x 3
EK-CoolStream PE 240 (Dual) (might be adding another 240)
EK-FC Terminal Triple Parallel - Acetal
EK-FB ASUS R4BE Monoblock - Nickel
EK-FC780 GTX Classy - Nickel x 3
EK EKoolant Premium Liquid Cooling Premix Coolant - 1000ml - Blood Red x 6 (just in case 🙂 )
EK Dual DDC 3.2 PWM X-TOP w/ Pumps (EK-Dual DDC 3.2 PWM X-TOP (incl. pump))
EK Dual DDC X-RES Link Adapter CSQ (EK-Dual DDC X-RES Link CSQ - Add-on)
EK DDC / MCP35x Pump Heatsink Housing Assembly - Black (EK-DDC Heatsink Housing - Black) x 2
Redharbinger FMJ Series Stainless Steel Reservoir Cover - 250e Black w/ EK-MultiOption RES X3 250 x 2
PrimoChill PrimoFlex Advanced LRT Tubing 3/8"ID x 1/2" OD - 10ft Retail Pack - Clear (PFLEXA10-12) x 2

Will update with pics and maybe video if I can as i start the build over the next few days.

Thanks for looking!

A link to where Ill be updating a lot with pics and videos and logs. i will update here also if you guys want to see it here.

[Build Log] Case Labs Mercury S8 - Will update with a name soon (big build for me)

Level 8
An update from last night and today.

The Mercury S8 unpacked 🙂

The bottom unpacked.: 😞

Robogrip pliers and got this. I did not realize till later in the build just straightening was not enough as there bend tab was pushed back about 5-8mm. I had to wiggle and pull to get the screw hold to line up:

AH, now we are talking:

C R A P ! ! ! !

another bend and pull and it came together. A few small scare under the scenes that aren't visible when the skin is on.

The case is VERY nice and amazing how quickly and easily it comes together to make a EXTREMELY sturdy design. I will write up more of my thoughts on Caselabs as i go and more thoughts on the case and features soon.

Level 8
Ok so my D800e is at Nikon getting its annual clean, adjust and tuneup. So i am using my d600 and it is riddled with sensor spots from the shutter recall. So i cleaned up these the best i could and will reshoot some better high res shots when he my d800e gets back.

Many shots of the parts before installation.

My new pr0n:

The Mercury s8


Level 8
Thanks you, Perfect Stranger.. 🙂

Thanks for the suggestions and thoughts.

Did some work today.

Put the optional PSU support bracket in.

Since I am not using the 3.5 HD bracket in the bottom I removed the plate wight he slots for the bracket. I put the 120.2 fan blank plate that came in the front left intake fans int he boom to cover the two 120 fan holes. I now have a even smooth platform for cable routing and tie downs.

I moved the fans from the top of the case that were in pull down to a push position through the rads. This allows me to use the shorter top instead of the industrial looking extended top.

Going this route forces me to put my two reservoirs on the flex bay side. this is how i have come up with mounting them. Along with the 240 rad.

And this is the reason no 3.5 hd rack mount int he bottom 🙂 The third 360 rad is in the bottom.

I will take more details/glamour shots when I start getting closer to finish and when I am finished. Thanks everyone for looking and following.

Level 8
Got the motherboard blocks installed last night. I will work on getting all the GPU water blocks installed tonight. I am now also fitting the motherboard int eh case and will start deciding on tubing.

More Pr0n of the Asus, EVGA and EK.... Quite a few pics, sorry....

My Pentium II buddy I have had for many man years. I got it with my PII-400 CPU.. Wow.. He has never been in glamour shots before so he is happy.

The triple threat...

And last but not least... The Rampage..

Level 8
Decided to go acrylic instead of soft tube.

Small update... and please excuse the crappy iphone pics. Didn't have time to drag out all the dslr stuff.

Was home form work yesterday and spend all day working on the build.

Got the two SSD's mounted inside the hidden hard drive tray and my two mechanicals underneath.

After staring at the motherboard and trying my box of fittings for 2-3 hours I found a combination that fits, yay!

I will post pics of the video cards next. But being the first time cutting acrylic and using the monsoon hardline kit I bought. I spent probably 2 hours getting the sli links cut and edges shaved. I did learn a few things along the way. The most important thing learned was its much easier to cut acrylic if you have tape around the area your cutting. I do have the triple sli ek fc bridge but decided to do acrylic tubing with fitting instead.

The next big issue was the stupid rubber cord in the monsoon kit for inserting in tube for bending does not fit. I bought the 16mm (red monsoon kit) but it will NOT fit in the ek 16mm acrylic tube. I even tried lube! 🙂

The next thing I learned was you cannot bend acrylic without a tube in it. I pretty much knew that but I wanted to try anyway. So ANOTHER order to the online watercooling gods for more bending tools.

Level 8
Another update...

Here is the result of 5 hours lastnight. When you think you've spent enough and ordered more than enough you don't! I ran out of 90 fittings and need a couple more. That's good though I am ordering some lighting I think. So I hope to have it filled and leak testing by mid-end of the week.

Either my 12th time measuring before marking and bending or I got lucky.

Test fit and mounted the aquacomputer flow meter and temp sensor mounted under the mid-floor.

Mounted up and the fittings with 90 up through the hole for the acrylic over to front then up to the rad with some bitspower flow bling for the cool factor 😉

I'm converting so primochill advanced just in the bottom rad with a drain. I think the temp soft tube conversion in the bottom gives me some flex for pulling the rad out to do maintenance. Then the bitspower splitter converts it back to acrylic with the 90 coming up through the bottom.

I'll take more and better details pictures when it's all connected and ready for leak testing.

Level 8
Almost done.. Doing some case skin work but here is the internals..


My friends I am nearing completion finally! These are some detailed shots on the inside and some on the outside without the case labs skins. I am working with a local client of mine on some ideas got the outside of the case so he has the skins in his shop working no ideas for me. I will update final pictures with the outside of the case snapped on when that is complete.

I am not showing detail pictures behind the bottom rad. But it consist of another drain valve like seen on the other side, the aquacomputer flow meter and temperature gauge going tot he Aquaero 6xt. As well as all the excess cables from the fans, swiftech pwm splitters etc. Once I have time to try to straighten them out and if anyone is interested in how I did the tubing underneath I will take some pictures.

I talked with 3 cable guys and showed them my layout. They pretty much all said doing custom cabkles with color stripes or whatever would be of a big benefit in my situation. It is to cramped to try to curve and keep straight 9 gpu cables and the atx cable. So I will just leave the bundle pulled together as is for now. The biggest eyesore in my opinion but it is what it is.

Maybe some redundant pictures but I will upload them anyway.

Thank you everyone.. More to follow after these with full case shots and the lighting.

Last but not least, something to enjoy all the FPS with.