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[Build Log] ----- The PhoeniX - Asus Special Build -----

Level 8

Hi everyone

First I want to say a HUGE thanks to Asus for choosing me to be part of this project
I'm very honored

Thanks a lot 🙂


I work on a special project for Asus, for sure I'm under NDA,

I cant talk about some aspect of the build for now, but believe me , at the minute I have the go, I will post everything I have 😉

finally , I will try to do my best build log of all time , this include Video, Pics and maybe live stream build on twitch, (not sure about the last one 😛 )

for now I'm still in planning process but already have some idea
but again its for Asus, they don't want a big modded case but a very clean build as generally do,

I have a lot of idea in development but keep in mind, they can change a bit , I'm waiting for some stuff and some idea depends on these

I will update this first post with a lot more info at the second I'm able to post them, hope very soon

fisrt draft of specs

Case: Lian Li PC-O11WX,
Motherboard: Asus Rampage VI Apex
CPU: Intel i7-7820X Skylake-X
Ram: Apacer Blade 32gb DDR4 3200Mhz
SSD: 1 x Apacer AS330 PANTHER 240gb and 2 x Apacer AS330 PANTHER 480gb
GPU: Asus GTX1080 Strix
PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB 1250W Titanium

GPU block: Thermaltake Pacific serie for Strix
Reservoir: HEATKILLER® Tube 200 D5
Radiator: 1 x XSPC RX360
Fan: 3 x Riing 12 RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition,
Fittings: Darkside 12mm hard tubing fittings and any spacer, angle fittings
Coolant: Dazmode protector + Feser orange dye

Miscellaneous and mods
led: Darkside RGB, white led strips and 3/5mm led
Cables: custom by myself with 16g wire, Darkside sleeving
and Darkside connector and terminal
some acrylic work likje new motherboard panel
some special design and paint

and a lot more

received the Heatkiller block and I think I'm in love, I dont know why more people don't use them

anyway some pics

and you will have a hint on color theme

start working on the case

made a new Motherboard panel, I will paint it and do some graphics to fit with the motherboard

and make the 24 pins "passtrought" at the right place

more update soon

Level 8

Finally, i can post pics of the great Rampage VI Apex

maybe one the board i love the most until now,

here is the final pics of "The Phoenix" a simple build to show the magnificence of the Apex 🙂

again want to say a HUGE! thanks to ASUS Republic of Gamers to ask me to do this build
and Apacer for huge support in this build

and this is my desk, gaming area

Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing
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Level 11
Awesome! Nice job.

Level 8
Thanks, very appreciate

Level 11
Very Nice! inspirational...

Level 10
Wow! What a beauty!! Looks clean and elegant!! Thanks for the share. Can I use any of the pics as a wallpaper?
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Pre & Post Build Guide

A lot of epic FAIL videos are made before one epic WIN video is made 🙂

Level 10
Your build is great, I saw him several times and look carefull. And thought about Lian-Li PC-O11. Price is OK but now I decide to buy new case.
Caselabs BH8. In Romania Europe distributor for Caselabs cases have great prices and he shouldn't be more than 250 euro.
Amazing case and excellent watercooling.
Caselabs BH8 is small cases not much bigger than HAF-XB with options for mATX-EATX and SSI-EEB/SSI-CEB.
Finaly I will have Caselabs and little to change conventional case look on something different.
I will post pictures of everything. i most dicide for him because I long time search for case to look as mATX but compatible with big motherboards.
But Lian-Li PC-011 and Caselabs BH8 are only at the moment attractive for me, except Caselabs Mercury S8 but he is to expensive and to big for my plans of build.
I thought to order BH7 before few days but he is more for AIO systems only.

It's bad because people look only cases from manufacturers with agressive marketing, Phanteks, CM, Bitsfenix, Thermaltake and than miss some jewels as Lian-Li and Caselabs.
And they are my two favorite manufacturers of PC Cases.