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[Build Log] Rogue 417 Non sponsored build

Level 7
This build is a non sponsored build. I had a lot of fun in doing this build. It's about 97% complete. I still have some work to do on the psu cover and front end of the case.

The products purchased for this build were from the following:
and Intel

Case: Cosmos II
Motherboard: Rampage IV Black Edition LGA 2011 x79
CPU: Intel Core i7-4930K Ivy Bridge E 6-Core 3.4 GHz
GPUs: 2x 780 Ti Kingpin
Ram: G.Skill Ripjaws Z series 32 GB (8x4GB) ddr3 sdram
HDD: Samsung 840 EVO 500 GB 2.5” sata 3 SSD
Noctua NH D14 Se2011 CPU cooler for testing CPU.
Lamptron CW611 Fan controller
PSU: Corsair AX1200i
Mouse: Logitech G700
Keyboard: Logitech G710+
Monitor: ordered last week: Asus 279H 27” monitor .. love it so far

2x Ek FC780 GTX Classy Nickel water blocks
1x MNPTech Cosmos 2 Custom Clear Side Panel
2x Bitspower Galaxy Universal ram module liquid cooling blocks
1x Ek Asus RIVBE full board cooling block kit
1x EK Supremacy Universal cpu liquid cooling block
2x XSPC Photon 170 Tube Glass Cylinder Reservoir / Pump Combo D5 Vario
1x XSPC EX 480 quad 120mm low profile split fin rad
2x XSPC EX 240 multi port dual 120mm low profile split fin rad
8x Phobya 120mm x 25mm G Silent 12 black edition 1600 rpm
2x (4x36” pack) Primochill 1/2” OD rigid petg tubing
2x Bitpower G 1/4” silver shining Q-rotary adapter
3x Primochill 1/2” od Rigid Revolver Compression straight Knurled Fittings 10 pack
14x Primochill g1/4” low profile slit stop fittings silver nickel
2x IandH silver kill coils
5x XSPC g1/4” male to male rotary extender 11mm
2x bitspower g1/4” mini valves
2x Modmytoys 3 pin power distribution pcb 5 way block
2x modmytoys 3 pin female to female extesion cable
2x Bitspower g 1/4” temperature sensor stop fittings
3x XSPC 90 degree rotary adapter fittings
2x XSPC G 1/4” threaded T fitting

Cosmos 2 case

Got a pic when I first started on the 'testing' of the basic parts.

Testing the RIVBE with each Kingpin. This testing was never done in SLI. The Noctua cooling unit needed a longer phillips screw driver than what was provided in order to attach it to the motherboard. This picture shows the Corsair ax1200i out of the box.

Level 7
The Costa Rica Chip is nice!

Level 7
Putting the ripjaws on and testing them before adding the water blocks. In the 2nd pic has the RIVBE with the 4930k and 32 gigs of Ripjaw Z 2133.

Level 7
Case Mod pics. I didn't take any pics of the cosmos II case when I got it. Didn't think it would be necessary since everyone has seen one.
Well to start with a beer b4 some pics

Level 7
Well I did find some earlier pics of the case before I ripped into it, but just not the outside, but the remote inside...what the hell was I thinking?
I did not realize what I was going to plan on this build since this was my first watercooling build. Planning on my part was, well, on the fly.

Level 7
I got quite a few ideas from off of youtube videos, here at ROG, and at overclocker forums. The basic case frame was not exactly the same dimensions all the way around. Cutting the piece of steal that I got was a task and a half. In the next photo you'll see the fitting as well as the top cut out for the 480 rad.

Level 7
Here's a better pic of the top

Level 7
I think I took apart the case frame and riveted it back together again atleast 6 times. This was due to error in planning for fittings and painting issues. Here's a pic showing the mid plate above the basement of the case.

Notice the square hole towards the front. I was estimating the the intake to the pump from the 2nd 240 rad in the basement. My first mistake was estimating. The 2nd hole is in the center of the mid plate for the petg tubing going from the video card to the 1st 240 in the basement.
Also, notice the rectangular cut for the wiring of the 2 kgpn cards. The motherboard backplate I had to cut 2 smaller holes for the board wiring (4 pin and 8 pin).

I'll have to leave you with some pics of the front fan mounts. Never thought that cutting metal would be this hard. The fan mounts as this point were test fitted and refiled. Don't know why the last two pics turned 90 after uploading?