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[Build Log] Project Outta Control

Level 7
Hello Everyone!!

This is my first build log here. I hope all will enjoy and please input is always encouraged.

I will be using some of the parts from a recent build but most will be bought new. Here are a couple pics from that.

This build I am going to be using the 900D case and full water cooling. I have been wanting to use this case for a full water cooling build since I first seen it a couple years ago. Anyway here is the parts list so far.

Case: Corsair 900D
CPU Intel i7 4790k
MB Asus Z97 Maximus VII Formula
Ram 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 2400MHz
PSU TBD Think AX1200I but running out of money fast

I know some of you are going why Z97 and not a X99 setup well a couple reasons. First I am waiting for the new chips in a couple months. Second I already have the chip and last well price right now. Trying to fit alot of things into my budget.

I have also orders a couple of Coldzeros plates for the 900D. I think I will be going with a white a black theme with this one. Not sure yet but will decide soon

Here is the water cooling gear:

Pump EK pump\res combo with a 250mm tube.
GPU Blocks EK-FC980 x2
CPU Block EK Supremacy MX
Rad #1 EK CoolStream XTC 420
Rad #2 EK CoolStream XTX 480

The rest is a mix of bitspower and monsoon fitting and monsoon ridged pipe. Well here is a couple pics of the case.


Level 7
Well made a little progress last night. Got the case stripped down and starting painting some parts. Should be getting the motherboard and misc things today.
Well on with the pics.

Full view of the case

Inside view.

The start of the painting

and a pile of some of the parts

Level 7
Sorry it's been a while since I updated this thread. Work has kept me pretty busy and most of the progress has been late at night.

Well have got a lot done working on it here and there. Got the plates from ColdZero and that was the last of the parts I needed.

Started to bend tubing and didnt like the way the Monsoon ends were fitting. I ended up ordering Bitspower fittings for everything, Also ended up going with 10mm/12mm pipe.

Well here are the pics with everything up to date. Let me know what you all think.

Needed to make a extension for the 2 ssd

Here it is all complete

Needed a place to mount the HD.

Starting to see the wat everything will fit together

Right before I decide to switch to bitspower fittings

Some plumbing and starting to leak test

A better view of where the HD is mounted

I have done the final fill last night and finished wiring it today. Everything has turned out the way I was hoping. I will be posting more pics of the final build later tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for Looking.