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[Build Log] Blue Snow - Panzer Max

Level 7
Hi Guys,

A while ago I did a build for Cougar Gaming in their Panzer Max. I was meaning to do a stage by stage build log, but life, work obligations, changes in employment and moving house all came into practice and it kind of got lost in the making, so I will be posting everything here to see.


Cougar Gaming
Cougar was kind enough to send me out a fantastic care package. All products supplied are listed below, for more information you can click the respective links! 🙂
- Cougar Panzer Max
- Cougar GX 800W PSU
- Cougar CFD 120 White LED Fans
- Cougar Attack X3 RGB Keyboard
- Cougar Revenger S RGB Mouse
- Cougar Immersa Gaming Headset
- Cougar Arena Mouse Pad
- Cougar Armour Gaming Chair

Team Group
- T-Force Dark DDR4 3000 RAM 16GB (4x4GB)

- 6 Eyes II Fan Controller

Tech Specs
ASRock X99 TaiChi
Intel Core i7 6800k
16GB T-Force Dark DDR4
Zotac GTX 1070 AMP Edition
Cougar GX800 Power Supply
Byski 2011 CPU Block (modded to fit 2011-V3 Socket)
Byski 150mm Reservoirs
Byski 120mm & 240mm Radiators
Primochill Tubing and Fittings


The concept of the build was to try to make it as clean as possible, I planned on putting in custom panel cut outs to create a power supply shroud, and front panel shroud in order to put in a custom 5" LCD Sensor Panel.

I would create pass throughs for the tubing in order to keep it as free flowing and neat as possible.

Below are a few images of my design ideas on paper, and paper concepts mock up.

As you can see by my initial designs not everything actually came into reality with what I was planning on doing. In truth I had so much stuff going on I kept changing aspects in order to make more progress, I am not entirely happy with the end product, but I am planning on doing a rebuild of it in the near future. But you will see what I mean when we get further into it.

I will post some more updates real soon!

Level 7
As Promised, I have some updates for you! Next step is some product marketing photos of the items I will be using in the build, along with some panels I have cut out and how it all will come together! 🙂

Modded Byski 2011 CPU Block

Byski 150mm Res

Byski 120mm Copper Radiator

Byski 240mm Copper Radiator

Byski Radiator Product Shots

X99 TaiChi + T-Force Dark + CPU Block

More Updates Posted Soon! 🙂

Level 7
So I have finished the cuts for the acrylic. I have a table saw so I was able to get them pretty accurate. I decided to do straight cuts and no bend in the acrylic and than by using right angled aluminium I am able to give the appearance of free flowing panel work. Below are some updated images!

Level 7
Breakdown of the Panzer Max! 🙂