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[Build Log] Audi RS4 Inspired Parvum

Level 7

Hello and welcome back to another one of my build logs! After months of planning and gathering ideas, I reached out to Parvum Systems and brought them an idea of a customized Audi themed case.

Big Thanks to G.Skill, Rocket Science, V1 Tech,UPC and EKWB for taking a chance and sponsoring me! With out them this build would not be as awesome as it is going to be!

When i think Audi i instantly think LED head lights and Big Grills, so i knew i wanted to incorporate those into the case. With some hand sketches i asked Parvum to take the lead and what they ultimately came up with is nothing short than amazing! :thumb:

Although some parts might not seem as high end as they should for a build like this, the client doesn't game, doesn't render or anything computer extensive. The Client does own a Audi/ Volkswagen service shop and wanted a promotional piece to display. Plus i got a lot of them for a sweet deal! 🙂


Motherboard : TBD
Ram: G.skill Sniper 8gb
GPU: PNY 670
Cpu: Intel 4790k
Psu: Corsair rm 750
Hdd: TBD
Case: Custom Themed Audi Parvum s2.0


Rad: EK XT 240mm
Rad: thinking of adding another 120 or 140*
GPU: Ek 670 clear block
CPU: EK Supremacy
Fittings: RocketScience Silver fittings
Pipe: nickel plated copper
Pump- EK DDC w/140 mm res
Fans: EK VARDAR series

Sleeving and Supplies:
Ultimate Personal Computers Aegis

Acrylic Work:

Level 7

Update #1 : Initial Plans

So as i stated above, i started off with a few hand drawn concepts. This first one is good for a laugh!

so you can see where my mind was heading.. this wasn't so much custom in that the only thing added was an Audi-esq grill to the front

Hand drawn idea 2:

now we're getting somewhere!

I took this design to Parvum and asked if they could help me take it one step further. after a few emails back and forth they sent me some renderings

Amazing!! We did make one final tweak before they went to cut the case.. we decided to close the gap and enlarge as well as lower the headlights., but you all will just have to wait and see the final version!


Level 7
looks nice 😉

RoG wrote:
looks nice 😉

thanks man!

Level 7

Update #2 : The case Assembly

Wow Guys Thanks for all the views and subs so far! Lets get to it shall we?

One thing i've recently started taking up as a hobby is photography. i normally shoot sleeve photos with natural light but have went with a more professional set up for my build logs now.

Im using a Canon t3i with stock 18-55mm lens, Savage Thunder Grey backdrop paper, and for most of these photos, a single 4 bulb soft box. i do have a 60" photo tent i may use, but this paper is soo cool. i digress..

The Package

The Contents

The Parts


heres one of the front pieces

thats it for today!

i'll leave you with this

Level 7

sneak peak as to whats coming !

Level 7

Update #3 - Case Assembly

All right everyone! thanks for being patient with me, i finally had time to take some photos of assembling the case!

I like the fact you have to put it together, its an enjoyable process 🙂

So lets start!

I also was playing around with the lighting a lot, trying to figure out what looked best for each panel, so there may be some fluctuation in the photos.

Bottom and Mobo Tray Mounted

love this flat black acrylic, very smooth

Putting The back piece together-

the flat black with the silver acrylic is amazing in person

Parvum provided a white i/o bracket, but i'm sure i'll plasti dip that black to match

I know this isn't the order to put it together but this is cool

Next i installed the vandal switch and mesh insert for the grill

looks good!

I think that will do it for today! hehe :devil:

Level 7

As the wait for some more parts continues, i did have time to shoot some of the other components i already had for this build!

Every once in a while, a popular local trading website has good pc deal, so i monitor it almost daily to see what comes around.

I picked up a Corsair RM 750 for this build for $55

its in pretty good shape, came with all the wires, box and even the zip ties lol

And the same site had a used 4790 for....wait for it.....$75 bucks :devil:

Scored this Pny 670 w/ ek waterblock

my friends at V1 Tech are going to help me take care of this ugly pcb tho

Level 7

Update #4 : The Case

Well eveyone, its time i show you the case! at this point i am just waiting on the sponsored goods to come in and finally get things put together. once parts come in updates will be quicker. I believe the fittings will be in today or tomorrow so expect an update on those!

so where were we, ah yes, the case!!

first off let me say just wow....the craftsmanship, fit and finish of this case is awesome. when i first assembled it i was a little worried how all these pieces would look once together, but when i finished assembly and hit that power switch i couldnt stop grinning! Simply amazing to the last detail.


but wait.... whats hiding in the darkness!


Now Audi is known for the Quattro all wheel drive so fortunately the other day it snowed and i wanted to put it to the test!

man this thing carves through the snow!

headlights on

my favorite shot!

thanks for stopping in again! let me know what you think of the case!

Level 7

Update # 5 : Rocket Science Fittings of Glory

Today my first ever sponsored component arrived! I just want to take a minute and say thank you to Rocket Science for supporting me on this project, and being one of my first sponsors. I came across Rocket Science while looking for copper bending tutorials and was impressed by their guides on the topic. then i noticed they had a shop that sells fittings specificlly for standard 1/2" OD pipe. once i saw that i knew i needed to use them for this project.

The team at Rocket Science is very friendly and eager to answer all of my bending questions, of which i will have many more 😛

Its always a nice day when stuff arrives

tear it open to reveal the fittings box

the packaging is really cool. I've always love product packaging, and the extra presentation it offers

some cool shots

the lone fitting

fitting towers

Thanks Again To Rocket Science!