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broke the plastic rails on my 800d hotswap hard drive bay. suggestions ?

Level 7
so the hard drive rails on the hotswap bay on my corsair 800 broke i still use that hot swap bay a lot for various reasons. the the 5 inch drive bays are filled with disc burners (again for reasons) this is my workstation pc

and of course to make it worse 3 of the hot swap bays rails broke. yes 3 and the other sides feel like they are cracking and I have been gentle with this thing i baby it.

ya so i looked around you cant find the parts of this thing anywhere even though it is still a perfectly fine case that people are still using you can stick a new pc build in there and everything fits fine.

no i dont want to take the thing apart or buy a new case for a stupid plastic part that looks like it cost $1 and should have been made out of metal anyway.

ya i have no idea what i found some 3d printed replacement parts but not these things. i dont see a way to remove the bay and put in a new icydock bay or something in the space.

corsair is no help because they cant keep a stock of all the stupid plastic parts on this thing. i can see them not making the large metal parts but all the stupid little plastic things that ruin the case the could make more and sell them on the store. (thanks corsair.) looked around for a used 800d case to strip the parts out no dice cant find any. of course anticipating the case wearing out i bought some of the spare parts for it years ago for the corsair store like the drive bay backplane the dust filter ETC. Did they sell this small vital plastic part? NO all the plastic on this old "High end case" are made from a shiny brittle metal

i am getting desperate/stressed out/tired nobody has these things not sure how to fix it not sure what alternative parts will fit.

is there a custom pc case place that will make parts like them? really pissed i loved this case it worked for my needs.

this dude got me covered with the drive bay hinge i printed a bunch of them asked him about 3d printing some rails not a 100% guarantee they will work though.




Level 8
I really doubt you will find any parts for your case being over 12 years old now, you could buy a hot swap bay, however they are not cheap. In all honesty its time to update your case.

Level 13
Yeah you will never find parts unless you luck up and find someone dumping one on fleabay. I know it wont save you any money but it will save your sanity to just start case shopping. Im sitting on some drive bays not being used for a corsair 900D but dont know that they will fit, they seem very specific.