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Bombproof Builders Desk.....Build

Level 7
Ok so I have been planning on building a new desk ever since me and my brother in law built me a new PC work bench (Pictured below)

Using Just 2x4's and some melamine we built a super sturdy bench for about $120 and I couldnt be happier with it. Since then I have been looking at my current work/play station with a little bit of disgust, its made up out of 3 seperate desks none of which are exactly the same height. Further more due to my affinity for eyefinity and large PC cases I am finding that my little work nook is getting more and more cramped and cluttered. Heres a pic of the space I am working with please excuse the mess.

So the new plan is to gut the whole thing and create a desk that wraps around the entire area Like so (sorry for the small paint image)

Then I am going to wrap the top of the desk with custom printed Mechwarrior themed vinyl using my wide format digital printer. So on to the construction phase. I have to give a ton of thanks to the two guys working with me (these or their online handles), Talster91 aka my old room mate and Dreyco Valentin who is my brother in law. With out them theres no way I could get these kind of projects done with the quality and speed we do together, We are also building Talster91 a new desk for the gaming rig I helped him build. So here is the start today, we are using birch plywood for the top and kiln dried 2x4's for the frame, using a overlapping design to interlock the tops and frames together. So today we ripped the plywood and tomorrow we will build the frames.



Also this arrived today 😄

Day 2

Ok Most of today is dedicated to Talsters desk build Which is specced to be L60xW30 with a 30 inch height

For legs on both desks are a L shape made of two 2x4's screwed together gives great stuctural support.


is it really bomb proof

hey guys, sorry for the break in updates. However my finger is pretty much healed up and over the last 2 days pretty much all of the parts for the wall build have showed up in the mail. I am only waiting on the screws to mount the radiator.

I am having a hard time deciding which res to use for this build thoughts?

Also over the new year I managed to score a 1080P Viewsonic Projector for really cheap and with 0% financing for 18 months 🙂

I also upgraded to a Motorized 100 inch screen which means I can run everything from my desk, double 🙂 🙂

As soon as the screws come in I will start fitting everything and moving forward however I am in need of some 45 and 90 degree adapters for my compression fittings and I am pretty much out of budget until next month so I will have to source some through trade or whatever. Anywho thanks for reading as always, my next update will be a video of me explaining the full wall PC setup.

Level 9
Looking great till so far.
l Asus Rampage 4 Extreme l intel 3930X@ 4800Mhz (1.45volt) 24/7 l Asus matrix GTX 580 l
16GB Team Xtreem DDR3 PC3-20800 2600MHz (11-11-11-28-1)
l Coolermaster Silentpro 1000w PSU l Revodrive3 ssd l WD Raptor 150Gb (10000rpm) l Corsair H100 wc with 4 Cougar Vortex fans l CM HAF 932 Avanced case l Acer X243H 24'' l Asus RT N66U Dark Knight l Logitech Z2300 speakers

In progress the custom build PC Samurai Warrior ''Miyamoto Musashi'' in Japanese ''宮本 武蔵'' made by Pascal

Just realised that I haven't posted up any good pics of the area that I will be installing the PC into. Here it is the area is about 30x19.25 on the outer dimensions.

The goal is to have 2 shelves for the surround sound, XBOX 360 and PS3 with fans cooling them and the computer hanging above

Level 13
Now that's a True Gamer! If the desk isn't Big enough Build one that IS!...Welcome to ROG! next MOD the rest of the House!

Level 18
dDog.. does your wife have a sister ?

Level 10
I do some wood working too and like the strong frame you build, enough for a grainite top, don't settle down for less 😄
CPU : Intel i7-3960X MB : Rampage IV Extreme 3101 Mem : G.SKILL F3-17000CL9Q2-32GBZH
GPU : MSI R7970 Lightning PSU : Corsair 1000W OS : W 7 Ultimate Corsair H100 Water cool
SSD : 120GB Kingston Hyper X SSD : 512GB Samsung 480 Pro HDD : 2X 1T WD Speaker : Bose companion 5
Cooler Master
HAF-X Monitor : ASUS PB278Q

A little better CAD model the bottom shelf is a piece of ply thats already there, while the other 2 with be a rubber coated wire mesh for maximum airflow. Bottom is Surround sound Head Unit then Xbox360 Slim then Big fat oldschool PS3 next this to work on is doors, fans and PC placement.

Ok New update, while I am still wrangling with Cad I decided to start working on the layout of the custom printed vinyl layout for my desk top. As I have said before it will be Mech Warrior themed as that is my favorite gaming franchise and with the advent not or 2 but 4 new Mechwarrior games in the works I couldn't think of anything more appropriate. So right now I am going to be doing some test runs with the artwork and sizing for the areas I have to work with. First up I have the Map of the entire Inner Sphere which I got from the MechWarrior Online art page. I blew it up to 30' tall by 47' and printed it on some heavy duty paper, this is just to see how the artwork looks at this resolution I have not vectored or tweaked it yet but its always important to test print as you never know what you aren't seeing on your monitor.

Doing a rough trim.

Next tape it down to let it stretch a little and offgas.

This is the area I want to put the map on.

Do the final trim.

And check how it lays out.

Level 7
Small update

My 2x4 HDMI Matrix Showed up in the mail yesterday, this little box of awesome will let me switch between 4 different HDMI inputs and out put them to either the 42 inch LCD or my projector or both at the same time! The reason for a device like this is that I plan on watching more stuff on my LCD than projector as much as possible due to the significantly shortler lifespan of the projectors bulb.


Next up is my XFX 6950 2gb showed up today! Its been flashed to a 6970 Bios and although used is in like new condition. I moved my sapphire doen to the next slot and slid the PCTV card inbetween and presto enough power to rock my triple monitor setup properly. I added some extra fans to make sure cooling doesn't become an issue.

Now this is not the hardware I plan on mounting inside the desk its just my benching/review setup. For the Desk build I am hoping for a 2011 or AMD build so I will have enough PCI-E lanes for all of my needs.