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Bombproof Builders Desk.....Build

Level 7
Ok so I have been planning on building a new desk ever since me and my brother in law built me a new PC work bench (Pictured below)

Using Just 2x4's and some melamine we built a super sturdy bench for about $120 and I couldnt be happier with it. Since then I have been looking at my current work/play station with a little bit of disgust, its made up out of 3 seperate desks none of which are exactly the same height. Further more due to my affinity for eyefinity and large PC cases I am finding that my little work nook is getting more and more cramped and cluttered. Heres a pic of the space I am working with please excuse the mess.

So the new plan is to gut the whole thing and create a desk that wraps around the entire area Like so (sorry for the small paint image)

Then I am going to wrap the top of the desk with custom printed Mechwarrior themed vinyl using my wide format digital printer. So on to the construction phase. I have to give a ton of thanks to the two guys working with me (these or their online handles), Talster91 aka my old room mate and Dreyco Valentin who is my brother in law. With out them theres no way I could get these kind of projects done with the quality and speed we do together, We are also building Talster91 a new desk for the gaming rig I helped him build. So here is the start today, we are using birch plywood for the top and kiln dried 2x4's for the frame, using a overlapping design to interlock the tops and frames together. So today we ripped the plywood and tomorrow we will build the frames.



Also this arrived today 😄

Day 2

Ok Most of today is dedicated to Talsters desk build Which is specced to be L60xW30 with a 30 inch height

For legs on both desks are a L shape made of two 2x4's screwed together gives great stuctural support.


Level 13
This build is looking really good DD. Nice job!

Level 10
Let's see someone try to make off with your "computer" once you get this thing finished!!!!! I do hope you plan on living in that residence for some time to come. 😉 Great work!

I have a "piston-assist" on the hatch to my pickup bed's topper-cap. It makes it such that I have to pull that hatch down & hold it in place as I lock the lock--otherwise the pistons push the hatch back into its "up" position. Maybe you could do the same with your hinged MB tray? That way, you wouldn't have to worry about the tray falling, for the MB tray's default position (from the gas piston's perspective) would be "up." You'd need to use a bit more force than just gravity to lower the tray back to horizontal, but not much more force. A big, strong man like yourself should have no problem with this. 😉

Oh, & these pistons come in black, & I got both of mine (I have one on each side of the hatch) from the local auto parts store. (Just look at the top two photos on this website: ) You may need one that is a bit stronger than the ones shown, but I'm betting dollars to doughnuts you could find one that could easily handle the weight of the MB & all it's components with just a bit more searching (or asking the friendly folk in your local auto parts store).

"Oftentimes, 'innovation' does not require 'engineering'--but just a different perspective on how to use the tools at hand." 😄
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Level 7
time to perform some threadromancy lol. poor luck dude hope it all goes well.

Sorry I haven't updated lately guys, I received a few pm's last month about the thread on an update and wanted to let you guys know whats going on. I have been busy with real life (Raising a new puppy for search and rescue and lots of search and rescue training and missions have eaten up all my spare time and money.) The project is not abandoned and as winter approaches I will have more time to resume work on it. I am currently looking for a Sandy bridge i5 processor and a 6950 or GTX 580 or better vid card for this project so if anyone wants to donate or sponsor feel free to PM me. Other wise I have to wait till I have more money and time. Thanks though for the interest and comments guys it really keeps me going through the long periods between updates!

Level 7
MAN! What is your budget for the whole build?

Great stuff, btw - following this thread.

Level 7
Awesome build thus far. Really looking forward to seeing it through completion!

Best of luck!