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BlackBeauty: reloaded

Level 16
I've been having a dream of a big, powerful computer for long time... Couple years back I have started building a computer and named it BlackBeauty...
Then I've got poisoned by OC'ing and never finished that built... I was constantly changing hardware and almost exclusively doing benchmarking - for that purpose a TestBench was just enough... Now, I don't have time anymore for benchmarking and actually could use some calculating power... had to get back to my dream... and build a big, powerful system... :cool:

I do have most of the components I think I would need - check them here:

The only thing missing was the case... it took long time of reading and thinking to decide...
And here it is! CaseLabs Mercury S8 with Pedestal


Yeap, it is big! 😄 But not too heavy... and it is sturdy...
I do like it, although it isn't perfect... simple, well made, but kinda lacking fantasy... - it is really created for modding!
I put it together (comes in pieces) in less than an hour (watched every YouTube video about assembling CaseLabs products) and started to test-fit some of the components...

First, checked the pedestal/bottom part... I have two EK CoolStream CE 420 radiators to put there... I knew that physically they should fit, but also knew that the original radiator bracket offered will not fit these my radiators... had to do some adjustments...

Got the 420 drop in radiator mounts and mounted my rads. Had to cut the outhanging portion of the brackets... then I had to use some aluminum plates to mount the brackets (the vertical opening was too big). Also, had to set them a little bit inward to clear some screws in the corners...


That's it for now... will update soon! :cool:

Oh, most definitely. I just didn't know you'd be playing it as an instrument. 😄
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…

Level 16
Middle of the night... flushing radiators:


Built a small loop with a D5 pump, old reservoir and a household water filter. Running 1 hour with 0.6% acetic acid, then will flush with distilled water, maybe 3x 1 hour...*

Level 10
Good choice for case.
It's beautifull really.
I must check how much cost in Romania.
I think some software company become exclusive distributer for Caselabs in Europe.

Here... guys from EU don't need to pay 200$ shipping now.

Vlada011 wrote:
I must check how much cost in Romania.

Why do you care of prices in Romania if you are located in Belgrade? Is there a Belgrade in Romania too?