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BlackBeauty: reloaded

Level 16
I've been having a dream of a big, powerful computer for long time... Couple years back I have started building a computer and named it BlackBeauty...
Then I've got poisoned by OC'ing and never finished that built... I was constantly changing hardware and almost exclusively doing benchmarking - for that purpose a TestBench was just enough... Now, I don't have time anymore for benchmarking and actually could use some calculating power... had to get back to my dream... and build a big, powerful system... :cool:

I do have most of the components I think I would need - check them here:

The only thing missing was the case... it took long time of reading and thinking to decide...
And here it is! CaseLabs Mercury S8 with Pedestal


Yeap, it is big! 😄 But not too heavy... and it is sturdy...
I do like it, although it isn't perfect... simple, well made, but kinda lacking fantasy... - it is really created for modding!
I put it together (comes in pieces) in less than an hour (watched every YouTube video about assembling CaseLabs products) and started to test-fit some of the components...

First, checked the pedestal/bottom part... I have two EK CoolStream CE 420 radiators to put there... I knew that physically they should fit, but also knew that the original radiator bracket offered will not fit these my radiators... had to do some adjustments...

Got the 420 drop in radiator mounts and mounted my rads. Had to cut the outhanging portion of the brackets... then I had to use some aluminum plates to mount the brackets (the vertical opening was too big). Also, had to set them a little bit inward to clear some screws in the corners...


That's it for now... will update soon! :cool:

Heh, when I saw your description of what you wanted I immediately thought "Case Labs." I guess great minds think alike. 🙂
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Level 16
Believe me, I really looked into the cases! Actually it is quite relieving knowing that I have already one... :cool:

Level 16
It's time for a little update! :cool: The objective today is to fit all the radiators and fans...

Here comes the pedestal:


Both radiators and all the fans are in. Those radiator brackets are ugly as hell, but will paint them later... this is just the a test fit, will need to take it apart anyway. A question here is where to place the drain ports? The bottom of the pedestal is out of question because of accessibility issues - this thing is already heavy! Sides are out of discussion too, remains the front or back... I have to think about it... maybe start adding the tubing? Will see!

Here are the left and right sides:


The reservoirs will be attached to the left front fans - right now the one for the CPU loop is there, the other is on active duty on my TestBench. I really wanted such long reservoirs, and I also wanted the topmost part of the loops to be the fill ports. Hence the left top radiator is only 240mm one. The dual pumps are mounted in the lower chamber, on the either side of the separation wall. They fit like a charm! Please, disregard the mess with the cables... it's just a preliminary fit...

And the top:


I have mentioned before the reason why I went with a shorter radiator on the left side - to fit the reservoirs. You can see how the reservoirs extend way higher than the full lenght radiator would allow them. I will mount the plate, which supposed to go originally under/between the pumps, in front of the dual radiator - and will drill it for the fill ports. There are two epmty spaces in front of both radiators/fans - will have to figure out something for them...

And finally here comes the front:


I have mounted the Aquaero stuff to make sure that in the back their brackets are clearing the left pumps. Doesn't look so bad... It also would be space for fitting two 140mm fans on the left side, but this way has some kind of symmetry... and I don't have the bracket for them... There is too much text on the Aquaero front plates and the screws aren't black either - will need to address those! Otherwise I could imagine as definitive setup...

This is it for now. Sorry for the poor quality pictures - is not easy to take good ones of a black case late in the night... Maybe at the end will produce some more professional ones... 😛

Level 12
I'm guessing there won't be any fancy lighting in this build :P. It's a great looking case, looking forward to the completed build.

Level 16
Lighting? Most likely not... Never understood the light in a system when you suppose to look at your monitor... Also have sensitive eyes, don't want to push it...
On the other hand, some service lights may be useful... at least to check the coolant level in the reservoirs...

Level 16
One big issue with this case (at least for me) is one of its strengths - the premium material is made of... Don't get me wrong, this case is built like a tank, it is extremely sturdy! But... when I was assembling it (and that was the best experience) and first time put on the cover panels, I realized that the whole thing acts as a resonator box! That is not coming over the pictures and videos I was looking at before buying it... The chassis itself is made of thicker aluminum, but the cover panels are thin - clipping them on made a pretty big noise, audible from the other corner of the house. That is an issue, because I am working on it night time after/before work. And making noise is not very appreciated... And later on a ton of fans will create all kind of noises too...

So it was pretty obvious that I need to use some kind of sound dampening. Previously had some experience with AcoustiPack materials, I mean pretty good experience. I have decided to use as much of it as I can. Until waiting for inspiration regarding the cable management, I thought to start covering the parts which certainly would not get modified later. A sneak peek on the top:


This cover plate is pretty big, there is ample place inside - I used the 7mm sheets for it. Now instead of the high pitch, very loud "ping" have a discrete "bump" when installing it... I like it! For the front and side panels will have to go with the 4mm sheets as the space may not be enough for the thicker one.

One problem is that this thing is not completely black... but fortunately won't be so visible either...

So it just makes the noise when being assembled or you also noticed reverberation just during static operation?
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…

Level 16
So far I experienced the thin, light and big metal panels during the assembly. It is my assumption that such panels would work as a resonator box. I have in this built 4 D5 pumps and 12 (bottom) + 4 (front) + 2 (back) + 10 (roof) = 28 fans - enough components to create vibrations to be magnified by the resonator box. I am trying to anticipate and prevent such a happening... Static operation is a little bit further though...

Yes, I will use the Aquaero to control the speed of the fans and pumps - most likely none of them will ever work at their max speed, so noise would be controlled from there too. Just going overkill here... :cool:

Level 16
xero, check this:

As I was moving forward with the application of the AcoustiPack, I thought that making a short video about the differences... First 10 secs are without, last 10 secs are with the dampener applied. I think it is a pretty noticeable difference...