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Bellatrix Build - 12900k - Apex - Dominator DDR5 - 3080Ti Custom Loop

Level 11
Replaced my Maximus XI-E 9900k DDR4 with a little upgrade.

Loop hasnt changed much at all:

XSPC Rez / D5 Vario pump >12900k w EK Velocity 2 > XSPC RX 480 Rad >Evga 3080Ti FTW3 w EK Vector > XSPC 360 Rad > XSPC 240 Rad > back to pump.

CPU: 12900K w EK Velocity 2 All Core OC 5.3P / 4.2E Fixed Voltage 1.3v + (-.050v offset)

Mobo: Asus Z690 Apex bios ver 0811

Memory: Corsair Dominator DDR5 5600 / C36 OC 6000 / C36 - VDD /Q , Transmit VDDQ, SA 1.275v - MC 1.3v

GPU: Evga 3080Ti FTW3 w EK Vector Max OC +180 / +1200 Max Temp 46c

PSU : Corsair AX1600i

Case: Corsair 900D (yep its showing its age)

OS: W11 Home 21H1

Set up on my table for a about week, run it thru its paces, then disassemble, install blocks and incorporate into my Loop.

Parts werent too bad to get, DDR5 proved to be the longest wait, around 4-5 weeks, but got fortunate with a purchase direct from Corsair. I already had the GPU and Block.

Last couple of Boards have been Rampage IV Extreme and Maximus XI Extreme...really like this Apex...awesome Board so far!!! I simply didnt require a lot of the whistles n bells on the Extreme Boards.

The Velocity 2 Block is a huge n heavy, far larger than previous Velocity or Supremacy.
The AX1200i and Corsair 240 aio are strictly for bench testing.



Level 10
Nice. Awesome parts you managed to get. I have the same case. It's big 😛