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Bel Air (Cosmos II CM)

Level 8
Hello all,
This will be my first workblog here in the ROG forums. My name is Alain I live in Antwerp (Belgium) and I have bin modding cases for 2 years now. In total I completed 4 CM Project Umbrella, Black Obsession, Project White and Silencio 550 Limited Edition. This build log will be my 5th CM so let me introduce my new project Bel Air.

Sponsored By:

For this project i will be modding the Cooler Master Cosmos II.

I won't go to much in to details of the things that will be changing of the case. That are things that u will have to find out your self, by following this project.

The hardware for this project is still undiceited. It will all depend of the budget that is left after I'm done with the case self. I might use the hardware from my previous case mod Project White.

To cool all the hardware i will go for water cooling. This time I will do a dual loop and for this i will use copper pipes again. I know it is not something new but i just like to work with it. Plus it will fit perfect with the rest of the case and all the other details.

So lets start we have all seen the Cosmos II in one piece. For this i disassembled the case and placed all the parts on my floor witch was to small because the iron body couldn't fit on the picture.

Removed the all the HDD cages + Midplate and PSU stand.

And the I/O backplate had to be removed.

Also cutted out a part out of the back of the case.


Level 8

That is it for the case self. The rest u will all see later if u keep following.
The next thing i have done is drawing the shape for the new air vents in the side panel. I have gotten the idea from a corvette anniversary 1978 with my own touch to it ofc.

With the sketch ready i just had to get the materials to make the design. Got my self some foam to start the modeling of the air vents.

I had several attempts with different kind of tools. First one was with a knife that didn't go well.

Then i thought of making a some kind of heath wire to cut in the foam.

That plan has failed to my 12volt adapter wasn't strong enough to heat up the wire. Then i just purchased a tool to cut with.

With the new tool in the hand a started to make the venting hole in the foam.

This gives a better idea of how it will look like but still is not good enough. After some time i decided to make every piece apart if the vent.

One side is done now i only need to make a copy of it in mirror image.

And a picture of the garbage that was left behind.

That was it for this start post hope u all like. 😄 And stay tuned for the next update.


alain-s wrote:

One side is done now i only need to make a copy of it in mirror image.

And a picture of the garbage that was left behind.

That was it for this start post hope u all like. 😄 And stay tuned for the next update.


Nice talent you got there!;)

DaemonCantor wrote:
Now that looks Sharp! The Radiator Grill Style from a Rolls Royce if I remember correctly...or was it a Ford Pickup Truck???? Still Beautiful Job!

Or like a old Pontiac.
RoG wrote:
Nice talent you got there!;)

Thanks RoG


I am happy to inform u that the first sponsored packages are arrived. The Packages are from Ek WaterBlocks and Highflow.

Thank u Gregor for sponsoring this beautiful cooling hardware.

Thank Freddy for the discount in the web-shop.

Started with the biggest package from EK WaterBlocks first. 😛

EK-Supreme HF - Full EN (Nickel)

EK-CoolStream RAD XTC (140) and EK-CoolStream RAD XTC (420)

2x EK-DDC X-TOP V2 - Acetal G1/4

2x EK-Ekoolant CLEAR (premix 1000mL)

10x EK-PSC Adapter 90° G1/4 Nickel and 12x EK-PSC Adapter 45° G1/4 Nickel

The next package was from Highflow.

1x MagiCool COPPER Radiator 280

2x Laing DDC-1Plus MCP355 12V

To give u a idea, I have placed the hardware in the case and taken some pictures. In the bottom of the case I will place 1 140mm rad, 1 420mm rad, 2 Pumps and the PSU

In the top of the case I place the 280mm rad. That wont be visible when the case is finished.

I haven't had much time to continue with the side panels of the case. I haven taken them to my work so when I have some free time I could continue to work on it but the last weeks there was a lot of work. 😞

But I have enforced the grill in the front of the case with 2 pieces of 5mm plexi. I glued the parts together and then filled up where it was needed.

That was it till next update. 😄

Level 16
Hey alan-s, welcome to the ROG forum!

Interesting project you started there! Those vents are like the gills of a shark... are you sure that you want to go with the project name "Bel Air"? something including the "shark" would be more interesting... I definitely will look forward for updates on this project! :cool:

Level 7
Great idea, can't wait to see more.

ittle OG

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