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Dodecadron Mod

Hello! I am currently drawing plans for my future project custom PC.The motherboard will be a Maximus Formula VI.I need some dimensions that I can not find on the internet and would be useful to me for my future mod ...Mainly, the heights of Waterblo...

Tinker Toy- corner desk

]My first pc build-wife told me to build my own gamin rig bet she don't make that mistake list.mobo=rampage extreme ivprocesser-i7-3970xgraphics- 2-gtx 690ram-8xg.skill ripjawsz-8x8 gig-21332x intel ssd drives2x hhd1-Thermaltake 1200w pow...

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AMD/ATI Super Build, with R9 290x Cooling Mods!

Hello everyone! I'm currently in the process of waiting for my components to arrive from Amazon, but I wanted to post up my build, and as I start the build I will update the thread accordingly.Components: Silicon:Sapphire Radeon R9 290x 4gb GDDR5 Asu...

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Carbon Queen done!

Hey guys its been such a long time since i posted. i recently moved and have been juggling work with making knives and unpacking. This is an update from my last build,whi...

My new Rig

Hey guys , this is my current rig, as it is set up, sadly case cant be on show where i am but hey ho,once i get my next paycheck ill be doing a full braid and cable management job aswell as a few other thingsWhat dyou think?Boogman

boogman by Level 7
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