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savagePROJECT by Malik

savagePROJECTIntel i7 4790kAsus Maximus VII ImpactAsus GTX 780 StrixKingston Savage 16GB 2400MhzKingston HyperX 120GB x2Super Flower 1000WEK-UNI Pump HolderEK-UNI Holder D5 V2EK-XRES 140 D5 VarioEK-CoolStream PE 240EK-CSQ Plug G1/4EK-FC780 GTX Ti DCI...

Malik by Level 9
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Case Moding information

Hi guys, I am currently working on a case mod and I was wondering, how do we call these signs : The skull The MotorIs there a particular name for these pieces in order to find something that could make my case awesome Thanks for your helpMidaz

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Midaz by Level 7
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State Of The Art Simulation

Planning on water cooling the system started the build was not working out decided to air cool instead. Going to do a post 6 months ago. Received some help in the forums concerning the Rampage 4 Black Edition and related hardware the help is greatly ...

Image Image Image Image


Hey guys, Boddaker here! I'm new to this forum, but not so new to modding lol. Been at it for about 10 years now. You might remember me from such mods as "TRON Lightcycle," "Neptune's Trident," and "Battlestar Galactica". ASUS asked me if I would...

b0ddaker by Level 7
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Phantom 820 MOD - Worklog by Jompenleet

Welcome!I am now back with another build to work with.This worklog is originally from TheModZoo but i wanted to share it with you guys aswell for opinions.Original link:

Strix Car Pc

Hi everyone, I would like to share my current project with you. ASUS invited me to make a mod for Strix gaming tour/road shows and I decided to make a scratch car pc mod again. I hope you will like this guys. Okay! before we start I would like to say...

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PaultanDesigns: Asus GX690 PaultanDesign Edition GPU

Finally, a worklog. i would like to thank Linus for posting my work and sharing it to the internet last night! Asus was kind enough to send me a GTX690 last 2012 *because they liked what i did for their Sabertooth z77 board. The ArmorSuit Z77 build....

paultan by Level 8
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Green Swift

My goal it to convert the led ring on the ROG Swift monitor stand from red to green to match my new custom pc. I understand the risks ect... I will probably be doing this in the next few weeks and was wondering if anyone here could help with info on ...

Mamothy by Level 7
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