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Celticguy's Log

Well,Here goes, After 8-9 months of wishful thinking, I've finally started to get the parts for my new machine.So far I've got the Cooler Master HAF X - I got this for a combination of looks, perforance and upgrade potential. Today saw the arrival o...

PST: Project Silicon Talisman [Build Log]

Hi,I am going to start a new build named PST: Project Silicon Talisman. I have received most of the parts and awaiting some. It is a combination of old and new parts. I am not upgrading monitor, CPU, motherboard and memory as there isn't much to gain...

LAN-Party Laptop 2015

LAN-Party Laptop 2015Worklog - Part 01By Coolonea. Name of mod:LAN-Party Laptop 2015 - Portable High-end Gaming Case Modb. Description of my case mod:IdeaFor my “LAN-Party Laptop 2015 - Portable High-end Gaming Case Mod” I will use an Aluminum Suitca...

My first build:780t skylake

So i decided to take some pictures of my build. Though some of the pictures arent great, ****ty camera. Spent quite sometime deciding on what i want. and i was surprised at how easy it was to the build aswell. but specs are:780t casemaximus viii hero...

KLONDIKE Pure Gold Case Mod 2015

KLONDIKE Pure Gold Case Mod 2015Worklog - Part 01By Coolonea. Name of mod:KLONDIKE Pure Gold Case Mod 2015b. Description of my case mod:IdeaMy idea this time is to keep the Cooler Master COSMOS II Ultra Tower Case as original as possible, but still g...

The Chrome Castle

Hello It's Michael Kaiser After The Metallica Build I went on a year long Gaming binge. I finally found a case that Inspired me.The Victim of my affection is a Lian Li PC-V359. This is a Micro ATX case, but I will be using a Mini ATX board so I will ...

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Corsair 600T Case Mod and Watercooling

Hi, I built my first water cooling loop. the system:Corsair 600T Graphite WhiteASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z/Gen 3Intel i7 2600kDDR3 1333 32GB RAMSapphire HD6970 2 GBUnfortunately, the lighting does not photograph well. This image shows most likely the orig...

Triameh by Level 7
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Project ICE - (custom PC Desk Build)

Hello Everyone,Small intro: This is my first desk build from scratch, i am looking more than forward to it. ( i even bought a CNC router specially to make this, kindof insane right , well so will have to be this build. ) I want to make a functional,...