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Scream Machine

*Not a detailed build set but a couple of teasers until I'm done. Close but have a few more things to do and tidy up.*

ROG_EXT pinout

Hi guys,i bought the Asus Z170 PRO GAMING/AURA, i have not buildt or tested it yeti'm very into DIY and for my project i need 5v Standby for PSU i'm using be quiet! DARK POWER PRO 11 | 1200W, i could buy and use 24pin extention and mod it so i get my...

INWIN ROG build.

Hello guys, firs let me inteduce myself. My name is Aleksandar Prokic and i am an member of IT junarlist from Serbia (PCAXE), this is my 4th mod build.1- Red Axe 2- Impact Candy3- Supreme Green and this one is called INWIN ROG build. Here is few pho...

Proka by Level 7
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Hard tube Gaming pc rig. Titan XP On SLI.

This is my first hard tube water cooling rig. Hope you guys go easy on me. Had to cut the Nvidia HD SLI bridge to fit to the rig. Enjoy....CPU - Intel Cor i7 6850K.Graphics - 2X Nvidia Titan X Piscal on SLISSD - Intel 750 series 1.2 U.2 SSD.Memory ...

9590, CVFZ, Core P5, XSPC Cooling

Even at 5.2Mhz the thing won't get hotter than 37c, had some good advice along the way which has been invaluable to the builds sucess, still don't believe i7's can come close to RAW POWER!!! HaHaHaHA!!!!! lol

Finally finished!

It took me 22 months from I bought the motherboard until I finished everything. Money and time was the main obstacles. Making all cables from scratch (not SATA, I wish I could), custom made radiator grill inside (don't think anyone has used a Mo-Ra 9...

Sverre by Level 9
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[The Duality] [Dual System, Godavari & Skylake in a Phanteks P400]

❚❚ ❚❚❚❚ ❚❚❚❚ ❚❚❚❚ ❚❚❚❚ ❚❚❚❚ ❚❚❚❚ ❚❚du·al·i·tyd(y)o͞oˈalədē/noun1.the quality or condition of being dual."the novel's deep duality about human motive" ...