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Wanna MOD but dk how to

Respected senpais of the case modding world,I a newbee has come forth bringing questions for you sir'sCan you suggest me some good tutourials to get me started?And when you start modding...what are the basic materials you experts use?How do you go ab...

Corsair AIO modding

If you use a Corsair h110i or h115i which many people do, and for good reason as they work very well for a daily use PC, they do an admiral job at keeping your CPU temps under control with a mild overclock and are easy to install, i replaced the fans...

Menthol by Level 14
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ROG Theme M-ITX lan/VR honest opinions please

This is my first amateur build with liquid cooling I learned a lot and enjoyed it, now I am looking for some feed back on how it looks. Please keep in mind this is an M-ITX case from lian li with minimal spaceSPECSCpu= i7-6700kGpu= Asus Strix GTX-108...

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570TRIX (modded Corsair 570X) by SimpleModz

Hi guys,Welcome back to another one of my build logs! This time I am working on the newly released Corsair Crystal 570X tempered glass case!I would like to thank everyone at Corsair for giving me the opportunity to work on this case as I know this wa...

Watercooling build

Hi to all. First of all english is not my native language. I hope i m posting in proper section. I need advice. I spend a lot of time on internet finding proper cooling system. But no luck. Dont understand most of fittings. What im trying to do is to...

cimbri by Level 9
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Project Redux (Caselabs S8, dual loops, SLI)

Hey guys,I'm new here but I've been building custom PC's for a long time. So I thought I'd post my latest build. This is an ongoing project as they all are. I'm never finished and I have a lot of ideas left but one day at a time.:)This case has been ...

ROG Paragon

ROG Paragon Build Logby Chas BurkhartWelcome to my project announcement of my case mod/ build log of the ROG Paragon! I would like to thank Republic of Gamers, In Win and EKWB for making this happen. The case mod/ build will represent some of the fin...

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ROG Desk and new sli 1080 build and more

New here but would like to share what I have built and my gaming setup.I hope this is in the right place.Screens:65" curved Samsung TVAsus PB287QHardware:2x ROG Strix GTX 1080 in sliMaximus VIII HeroIntel Core I7 6700K32 gigs corsair vengeanceSamsung...

Ryzen 7 1800x / CrossHair VI Hero Build

I was running the AMD 9370 for the past 1-2 years prior to that was using the 8350. Have been an AMD user since my first PC build, so it was only fitting i preordered the new Ryzen. I couldnt settle for anything but the 1800x. Did alot of search on M...

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The B-2 stealth pc desk

Hieello!So I'm very new to this forum and just got in to some pc case modding. This project that I've just started is my first ever custom pc desk that I'm making so i thought I would share it with you guys. I've documented alot of the progress so fa...

Chimppen by Level 7
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