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PC Master Race - System (Re)Build

Over the course of the last month or so, I've completely rebuilt my Asus-powered system. I didn't change any of the key guts (motherboard, CPU, GPUs, et al). Rather everything else around it, including the desk, case, audio, etc.I put the list toge...

jasonvp by Level 7
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Hex Kitty - Hex Gear R40

Hello and welcome everyone at the next project. This project is something what I was waiting for looong time Almost one year but here it is! The awesome Hex Gear R40 from. Big thanks goes to Nate & Hans for developing this case and for supporting m...

L4mka by Level 7
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1440p Ultra Gaming & Streaming PC

When we were kids, our parents often reminded us that we would probably never make a living playing video games. Maybe that was true back when platforms like YouTube and Twitch didn't exist, but their arrival has opened the market for viewing and liv...

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Chino by Level 15
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Mastercase maker 5t

Here are a couple of shots for people to see what this case is all about.No modding done whatsoever.Sent from my iPhone

qUAanA by Level 10
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My new ROG M8 Hero Alpha Build!

My New Hero Alpha Build! First time posting pics on here. It's nothing too fancy or custom,but it's my baby! In my Corsair 650D case from my older Hero Vi build atm. Planning on upgrading to something different in the future. I have considered doing ...

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PSU/HDD cage cover that fits a corsair 760t.

Hey guys, I'm trying to find a cover that would fit in my corsair 760t case. I'm hoping to find one that will cover both the PSU and hard drive cage. Anyone know where I can get this? Pls point me in the right direction.. thank you!

Black Treassure -- be quiet dark base pro 900

Hey everyone,I am back with another project log for you, hope you enjoy whats comning,and please feel free to comment This time i will be working in the be quiet dark base pro 900 which in my opinion is one Badass case with Badass features,Huge Thank...

Anniversary H-Tower

Once again it´s time for a worklog. (And this will be our first Worklog on the Asus Forum):cool:This time with a very special Case to start with. We´re really proud that we could get our hands on an In Win H-Tower Chassis. We fall in love with this P...

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