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Hardware Inside MOD

what do you say?Before:The next:Final:Videos:Visit us

ReneS by Level 8
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[Case Mod] Gipsy Danger no.45

START TRANSMISSION........Enable Blue Spark 4.1.Enable Arc-9 reactor.Enable Nuclear Vortex Turbine.END TRANSMISSION AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTION........

Chewitt by Level 10
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Alphamax build

Hello!Im back with another build, this time a bit smaller one and a bit smaller buildlog then my last project.Here is a link to my previous project:'ve done some smaller p...

Tower 900 Build 5.3Ghz 1080ti Poseidon

Here is my new build specs will be listed below, not done yet still cable management to do and new grommets for the rear holes are ordered first ones too tight. GPU and other reservoir are not in the case right now due to waiting for other 1080ti. ...

70715 70716

[Worklog] Baby Blue - Breaking Bad themed ITX Build

Hello ROG Community and welcome to my project "Baby Blue".Those who know and follow me already might think, "hey, i know this project" and you're right. This is my second attempt on this project since i lost my motivation and needed to start it new. ...

Suggestions for PSU sleeved cables

Hello guys, I've almost complete my 2nd build. I want to change my PSU cables, but can't decide what color to go with. At this moment I'm using my old build's red extensions, but I want to use a whole PSU cable instead. I'm using Corsairs's HX so her...


z370-H & 3d printing

Was having a look at the 3d print for my Z370-H Gaming mobo, namely for some sort of cooling for my NVMe drive (which only appears to work at it's rated speeds in the middle slot), the template is for the bottom slot only & nothing for the slot in th...

GPU Brace?

My 1080 strix is sagging. Anyone have any ideas on how to add some support to the rear? I'm looking for something as minimal as possible, and all black.

CustomTitanfall 2 mATX Case made by Parvum(S2.5)

Hi, this is my case in which I will build my water cooling system,Is made by Parvum, is based on the S2.5 but with small differences.The theme for the build is Titanfall 2, I just presented the project to the guys at Parvum and a couple of emails bac...