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Alice - PC Tower name

Now its not resident evil themed but its mine so i can name it as i deem appropriate, and change the name as i like Side view of Alice in photos Corsair case, doesnt have the H100 installed Asus CrossHair VII HERO Ryzen 2700xDuke 1070 TI 16GB 3200 G ...

{Sponsored} be quiet! - Project Octane

Hey everyone!Excited to be starting out on a new build this week!This project is supported by be quiet!, kindly providing the components on which this build will be based. This build will feature the be quiet! Dark Base 700, be quiet! Straight Power ...

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ROG ryujin 360 FAN replacement

Hi guys i wonder can i replace fans on watecooling ryujin 360 with thermaltake ,just estetic because that 3 fans doest have rgb...So that means watercooling block has 3cables going out for that 3 fans i was wondering can wottercoling work without 3 o...

Dalibor by Level 7
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i need a good case with asus maximus z390 extreme

I need help guys, I need a good case with like open view like view 71 but fits e-atx with good cable management, also i am planning to water cool the pc.Cpu 9900kpsu asus 1200wgpu rtx 2080ti ram rge g skill 32gblooking for good side view case thanks ...

ssaa by Level 7
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x299 TUF Mark 1 motherboard fan concern

I'm in the process of rebuilding my PC with new parts, decided to pair the Mark 1 with a Strix 2080 OC. Now that I have everything in here and am just organizing cables and such I notice that there isn't much clearance between the card and the fan th...

Maximus IX won't first time boot

HiI Have just assembled a Maximus IX with i7 processor, 16GB 3000MHz Vengence DDR4, Corsair H115i Pro water cooler.The system will not go into first time POST.When power is turned on the effect/mood lighting works, BIOS 1 light comes on along with th...